Dart-vr2045.com 虚世界

Released Dec 2016
Dart Play is simple, easy to operate.
Rules of the game: first into a scene, can see the choice of Chinese or English, the handle will have a ray, ray at the start of the game button, press the trigger, the game began. We can see the dart board ahead, press the right trigger, can generate a dart, dart throw will hold down the trigger to speak, the trigger is released, if hit the dart board on the score. Hit the number of rings is also high, the higher the score. The dart is limited only 20 stars, after, if you want to play, you can touch the reset button on the left of the. Ps: left hand teleport function, press the touch plate can trigger.
Post game will update the Internet multiplayer game play: not only multiplayer battle, but also to provide a choice of competitive mode.

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