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Released Mar 2018 2.8★
Dead Ground:Arena is an action packed FPS VR shooter, ready to get your heart skip a beat during exciting standoffs with infected creatures.

Players take on the role of a secret agent for Blackrain, for whom they are sent on a range of challenging missions. To fulfill their objectives, players can choose from twenty different weapons to take down thirty different, horrific enemies. Missions range from protecting hostages and VIPs to fighting your way out of ever-swelling hordes in a confined space. Dead Ground: Arena supports teleport movement through the VR controller and direct player movement and comes with a variety of graphic settings to fit each player’s hardware requirements and provide a seamless immersive experience.

Players can choose from a range of difficulty settings — after completing normal mode, a more challenging experience awaits in veteran mode.

▪ Exciting missions and action-packed gunfights
▪ Fierce battles with the thrill of real life sensations
▪ The best graphic quality in VR gaming industry with the least chance of motion sickness
▪ Lots of diverse maps with more to be added in the upcoming month
▪ An ultimate exciting experience with 20 weapons and striking effects
▪ Great variety of different weapon types, including realistic military weapons and grenades as well as exotic weapons such as freezing gun and gravity gun
▪ More than 30 different reactive NPCs such as typical zombies, crawling and jumping ones and gigantic bosses

A whole in-depth story mode with action packed missions can be experienced with the upcoming launch of Dead GroundZ.
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Jul 27, 2018
A fun experience for the first time VR player. It’s somewhat close to Robo Recall for the Rift but it’s definitely got quite a bit to go. Overall one of the better games that I tested on VivePort so far.

Jul 14, 2019
Quite low quality game, but better than a lot of wave shooters out there.

Apr 17, 2019
wave shooter. Guns physics = 2/5 and graphics = 2.5/5. gameplay = 2 /5

Granola Bandit
Apr 13, 2018

The game is a buggy, broken, unenjoyable experience. Between falling through the ground, the game failing to start the first time I played it, and the extremely long load times, the game fails to make up for it with its gameplay.

Once – and if – you manage to get to the first level of the game, you’ll be met with the unintuitive controls. Right trackpad to teleport and left trackpad to move to another corner of an imaginary box? Why even bother with implementing the left trackpad? Use the menu button to reload, but hold the menu button for inventory; likewise, neither grip button does anything.

I actually exited the game halfway through the first level to right this review. Even on subscription, I can’t suggest you try this game. I’m actually going to try to contact support and get it taken off to free up another space this month.

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