Dead Space VR Game Review

User Review Score: 5/5
VR Headset: PS VR2
Release Date: January 2023
Studio/Developer: Motive
Price: 59,99€
Free Demo or Trial Link: NA
Game Play YouTube Video Link: Watch video here
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The Dead Space series of games has a pretty impressive track record for creating thrills and tension. This is true even after all these years, and Dead Space vr takes everything great about the original game and adds smart innovations that make it feel genuinely unique in VR.

One of the most interesting innovations is the Intensity Director, which alters lighting, sounds, and more to keep players unsettled throughout their time aboard the USG Ishimura. These changes make fights feel entirely new and unpredictable – not to mention terrifying.


Dead Space VR puts you in the boots of engineer Isaac Clarke on a mission to repair the USG Ishimura, a massive mining ship. But after his crew is slaughtered, Isaac is alone and fends for himself against terrifying Necromorphs and his deteriorating sanity.

The remake of the game is completely rebuilt from scratch, bringing jaw-dropping visual fidelity and suspenseful atmospheric audio while improving gameplay. It’s been developed by Motive Studios, whose lead staff includes senior producers Philippe Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola.

One of the biggest changes to gameplay is that Dead Space vr uses a different perspective. This means that players cannot see their health bar or other information about Isaac’s character, forcing them to react differently and play more carefully.

Dead Space VR will also feature an Intensity Director that dynamically adjusts everything from Necromorph spawns to environmental effects such as light, smoke, particles, and sounds. This will keep the player’s experience in the USG Ishimura fresh and unpredictable.


The original Dead Space was a ground-breaking game that created a whole new survival horror genre. It captured the atmosphere and tension of Space and placed the player in an unnerving environment that felt more like the cold, dark depths of Space than a typical video game.

Using modern technology, EA Motive uses a wide range of tools to enhance the Dead Space experience in every way possible. From lighting and ray tracing to volumetric effects and 3D audio, the team at EA Motive is taking the series to a whole new level.

One of the most striking changes in Dead Space is how much the graphics have improved. The USG Ishimura looks stunning and feels more realistic than ever before.

There are also some improvements to gameplay. For example, Isaac can rip off sharp limbs and launch them back at enemies, making him much more powerful than before. This adds a more dynamic feel to the combat, especially when he’s in Zero-G.


If you’ve ever played a Dead Space game, you’ll know that the soundtrack is key to enveloping you in a tense atmosphere. From distant screams to the disconcerting clattering of offscreen enemies and the desperate breaths of your character, the sound is an integral part of the experience.

But if a VR version of the series stands out, it will need to up the ante in this area. The original Dead Space is arguably one of the best-sounding games ever, thanks to distinct audio effects that create an immediate sense of isolation and fear.

Dead Space 3 is another excellent example, with a soundtrack combining high-pitched, unnatural screams with a tense, dark industrial design. In addition to its outstanding audio format, Dead Space 3 has an impressive ALIVE system that adjusts Clarke’s breathing, heart rate, and voice lines based on his physical and mental state.


Dead Space is one of the best sci-fi survival horror games ever created. It’s an iconic title that sets itself apart from its peers thanks to its tense audio design, the dingy creaking of the Ishimura as necromorphs skitter around just out of sight, and eerie lighting muffled by smoke, all of which add up to a spooky atmosphere that never feels comfortable in any room.

That atmospheric design could be pushed to the next level by VR’s 3D audio, which would put all of these sound effects right in front of the player. This would give the game a more visceral feel and make it easier for the player to get their heads around what’s going on.

A Dead Space VR game may not come as a complete surprise, but it could be the start of something great. It could become something special if it combines the strengths of this tense and chilling title with a few fresh ideas.

Pros of Dead Space VR

  • Immersive Gameplay
  • Stunning Visuals
  • Intense Horror Experience
  • Challenging Gameplay

Cons of Dead Space VR

  • High Cost
  • Motion Sickness