Deadly Cryptids-Flow VR

Released May 2018 3.8★
Deadly Cryptids… that intense VR action shooter that gets your heart racing.
It’s an action packed blasting experience that takes you to the next level in VR gaming.

Explore a mysterious ruin that seems oddly out of place, as you and your partner Kate are lost in the desert after your plane crashed. Face evil monsters and blow them all to bits.

Use your body to take cover and survive action-packed scenes. Tap into your best shooting skills and use real weapons to kill a legion of deadly cryptids. Throw grenades & Molotov cocktails, slash your combat knives and dual wield your way to survival. When the action gets too intense, jam an adrenaline needle in your chest to slow down time and destroy all that is evil.

Sharpen your shooting skills in the Shooting Range. Check the monitors for the bullet impacts on the targets and adjust your aim accordingly.
Perform cool and satisfying reload tricks that make every reload something you look forward to.

The Bitcoin Intensity Factor makes the game more or less difficult based on the live price change of Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO and Litecoin.

Can you physically handle the intensity? Put your VR headset on and discover how you really react in simulated combat situations.

After your plane crashed in the desert, you and your partner Kate have been wandering the desert for days in order to survive. You wake up at a mysterious ruin that seems oddly out of place. It does not take long before you realize this place is full of danger.

– Full fledged campaign: enjoy a thrilling VR ride with more than 4 hours of fun
– Intuitive cover system: experience being under heavy fire while physically taking cover by ducking, hiding, dodging and even laying on the ground
– Slow motion killfest: slow down time and experience the incredibly cool adrenaline simulating kill-them-all-or-die-trying feature
– Bitcoin Intensity Factor: the game gets more or less difficult based on the live price change of Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO and Litecoin
– Wield a devastating arsenal of 11 weapons including Beretta, Magnum 44, AK-47, Scar, Shotgun, grenades,… even the ever powerful Mini gun
– Realistic weapon handling: wanna go pro? Choose manual reload to change clips, pull out pins and shotgun shells in order to survive
– Reload Tricks make every reload something you look forward to
– Shooting Range: sharpen your aim at the Shooting Range.

This is Deadly Cryptids… designed to be intense.

User Reviews

Mar 17, 2019
Better than I expected, upgrading it to 4 stars.

I thought it was just a wave shooter at first, but every few waves or so you do progress in the game’s campaign, and dying doesn’t mean you start over from square one; just the last checkpoint. New weapons, explosives, enemy types, environment changes, all help keep it fresh.

There’s no teleporting, so roomscale is definitely best mode to play it in. Playing Seated/Standing is possible up until a certain point, as there are times you’ll need to crouch/crawl/dodge to progress.

Calvin Leung
May 20, 2018
There no sound, how do i fix it?

Dec 17, 2019
can’t figure out how to reliably reload when playing on VD with a quest and definitely can’t reload one handed. which means i can’t dual weild and die real fast

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