Deadly Rescue-上海智帝数字科技有限公司

Released Jul 2017
Greetings, agent. We have a special mission for you. It’s a rescue mission. We know you are experienced in ordinary rescue missions, but this one is very different. You need to rescue your targets from the UNDEAD. The city is now overwhelmed by zombies, but luckily we found a signal of survivors in the Wisdom Prison. The signal is weak, and we don’t know how many survivors are there, or how much longer they can survive. You must hurry, before it’s too late. And also be careful, we have lost many good soldiers fighting those zombies. Good luck.

The Survivor is an immersive VR first person shooter which player plays as a special agent on a mission of rescuing survivors from a prison overwhelmed by zombies. Player needs to find survivors before time runs out. Clue of survivors’ locations is limited, player will have to search the area for survivors, though the crowd of zombies of cause. Supplies are also limited, player needs to look for ammo and use every bullet wisely.

-A variety of weapons, pistols, rifles, shotguns and more, kill zombies the way you like.
-Interacting with objects around you, use them to protect you or eliminate enemies.
-15 different areas for players to explore, different enemies and challenges awaits.
-Player can roam freely in the prison, but beware, you’ll need to make your choice of where to go, and you may run into something horrible.
-Over 30 different kinds of zombies, and some could be dangerous.
-Realistic immersive gameplay only for HTC Vive.

-Survive mode.
-Multiplayer co-op mode.

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