Defend The Fort VR-Virtustellar

Released Feb 2018 1.7★
Defend The Fort VR is a game where your goal is to protect your castle at all costs!

Inspired by the bow game from “The Lab”, you have a bow at your disposal, as well as a crossbow, a flamethrower, and a couple of grenades. Kill as many intruders as you can!

Be successful enough and you’ll be featured on Leaderboards that is seen by every player in the game.

Be aware though, each wave gets harder and harder, so you will have to strategically use some of the weapons to survive the onslaught by those angry gingerbread men!

Have fun!

User Reviews

Jun 06, 2018
This Is An Addictive Castle Defence Much Like The One In ‘The Lab’ / I Wait With Anticipation For What This Developer Brings To Our VR Future.

Aug 25, 2018
well, i think that somethink doesn’t work
it’s the only VR game that requires to back to desktop to select the resolution and launch the game
The game menu appear on only one eye (the right) and i can’t select anything on it.
I would love to test it, but for now I can not.
(i downloaded it on VivePort)

Jan 01, 2019

unplayable. Using the HTC vive. all other VR games run perfectly. this game only renders in the right eye.

Jul 28, 2018

This just fails. First it is immersion breaking due to having to remove the HMD to press ‘play’ on the desktop. In my Vive it only renders to the right eye. The left is greyed out blankness. Half of what should be visible in the right eye is simply missing & the controller are non-functional. Shame, in the trailer this looked like an updated rip off of The Lab’s bow game & therefore could have had potential.

Aug 12, 2018

I tried troubleshooting this myself but could not find a solution. Once the game starts i have solid white in one eye on the HTC Vive… Its unplayable..

Jul 17, 2018

Doesn’t even work on my htc vive

Mar 04, 2019

I wanted to play this but it is not working only showing picture on the right eye the left eye is grey and u cant do anything

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