Dell EMC VR Playground-Dell Inc

Released Apr 2018
Ready to enter the Dell EMC VR Playground? Here’s what you can expect.
The Dell EMC VR Playground is made up of two levels, each one challenging you and your colleagues to race against time and complete different Dell-related tasks.
Upon entering the Dell EMC lift, you’ll need to hit the button for level one. This will take you to our sales floor, where you’ll need to use your compass and navigation skills to track down and find five Dell OptiPlex Micros. But remember, there’s only 90 seconds on the clock.
Next stop is the Dell EMC product design lab, where you’ll experience the tough product-launch timescales your customers are faced with. Using a virtual Dell Precision laptop, you’ll have to design, build and launch a Dell EMC robot if you’re to escape the design lab in time.
Download the app, enter the Dell EMC VR Playground, and see how you perform under pressure.

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