Dimensional-Head Start Design

Released Jul 2016 3.5★
UploadVR says, “Solid and challenging grab for the price.”
Won VRTGO VR competition in 2015 with an early prototype

A room-scale experience that requires just 1.2m towards the camera x 50cm width or use more space if you have it.

Dimensional throws you into dangerous chambers to save an alien race. This is not a passive experience. You’ll have to feel and act as though you’re really there – standing, moving around, manipulating objects and reacting to dangers.

* Standing, nausea-free experience
* Encourages real-life movement to complete challenges
* Optional FPS-style controls
* Interactive (physics-enabled) puzzles and environments
* Dangers that evoke a sense of presence
* Mic support – expect to be heard as well as seen.

More than just puzzles and action, Dimensional puts you in a variety of unique situations that can only be appreciated in VR.
* Slide along a narrow ledge as a giant pendulum swings inches from your face
* Test your courage by jumping off a high platform.
* Carefully move your head through a narrow gap filled with spikes
* Knock blocks out of a wall without bringing the roof crashing down on your head
* Dodge and jump over lasers
+ lots more

Arcade mode:
In arcade mode you get instant access to all challenges and the ability to build a playlist of your favourite challenges to demo to your friends

Report issues and read the game guide at DimensionalGame.com
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Aug 23, 2018
Great game, really enjoying playing this, great mix of tension/time focussed elements and more relaxed game play. Still got some messages, codes and hidden rooms to find, plus that flipping chasing robot keeps getting me! Hope that you are hard at making the sequel Brett. (I loved the Marvin character too btw!)

Fil Arkonus
Aug 19, 2017
This game is a lot of fun. I haven’t yet come across any reactions to my voice (yet), but the roomscale gameplay elements are great. I can’t find any information anywhere on the voice actor for Digby your companion droid but he really sounds like Stephen Moore who played Marvin the Android in Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (On TV and Radio, not the movie). Don’t know if it’s him or they are doing an impression of Marvin but either way I love it!

May 17, 2017
bèh darei 3 stelle emmezzo,il gioco in sè non è male,é una specie di rompicapo con ambientazione fantascientifica,mi sono piaciute le mosse in cui ti devi chinare e saltare per evitare ostacoli

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