Disco Time 80s VR-Indiecode Games

Released Mar 2018 2.0★
Its Disco Time.

The 80s are back!
Enter the Dancefloor and celebrate an 80s club party in VR.

– 18 80s Style Music Tracks or use The InGame YouTube Browser
– 3 Clubs + Miami Style Street with entrances to the clubs
– Interaction: Ask a Dancer for a dance, you can choose between 20 dance styles
– 7 Various effects like Slow Motion, Neon, Fog, Alcohol, Drawing and more
– Fun Games like Dart, Bowling, Mini Basketball, Pool Billiard and Arcade Machine
– Teleportation and Free (Slide) Locomotion VR
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Apr 24, 2018
Interesting. But for some reason the sound randomly stops, and sometimes there’s no sound in the beginning unless I close and start it a few times. Otherwise, it looks like a fun experience.

Jun 04, 2019
It’s like you followed The Sims to an 80’s styled Miami club scene, except the only thing you can control is which dance to have them perform on the dance floor. The whole game looks more like a proof of concept than a real experience as there is very little to do. There are a few items to interact with, with your very clunky hands, and a few display settings to interact with. You can also use their Youtube browser to play your own music choice. I personally wouldn’t buy it for $10, but glad it is in Viveport Infinity to at least try.

Aug 21, 2018

This is rubbish.

There are 3 rooms you can go to. The atmosphere is reasonably representative of a disco. The interaction with the dancers is incredibly limited. Having to choose one of over 20 dances with each one is not terribly intuitive. I don’t know what dance number 5 is let alone whether i prefer that to dance number 18.
The ‘beer goggles’ mode is interesting and actually fairly accurate (!)

I only spent a few minutes playing this as so boring. Tried to go outside and get knocked over by a car but it just drove straight through me.

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