Donut Distraction-MSFX Ltd

Released Dec 2017
Ever wanted to be an Elephant and catch donuts on your trunk?? Of course you have and now YOU CAN!!

Donut Distraction is the great party-fun game for all ages that puts you in the shoes of an Elephant with a crazy trunk in zero gravity with a variety of mad games to play!!

Dash around catching as many donuts as you can in DONUT DASH – Look out for the Golden Donut to double your score but don’t touch the Dodgy Donut that reduces your score!! Next dodge donuts for as long as you can in DONUT DODGE but don’t touch the instant Death Donut – How long can YOU last?? Then go crazy in DONUT DESTROY and smash as many donuts as you can in 60 seconds, double points for smashing with the trunk!!

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