Douarnenez VR-Raf1Dev

Released Sep 2017
Douarnenez VR offers you to visit:

– The whole Plomarc’h Pella, an ancient site of salted sardines, used in Roman times for the preparation of garum.
Discover the archaeological site as it is now and travel to Roman times to see the reconstructed building.

– The Norwegian galleon Anna Rosa, a boat built in 1893, used for the trade of roe and dried cod.
Manipulate the different boat’s parts and change the scale view size.

=> What about real reality?

Anna Rosa is one of the 4 visitable boats of the Port-museum of Douarnenez:
The archaeological site of Plomarc’h is accessible every day:


– Application developed by Pierre Raffin (
– Trailer music: Clynos – Ancient Heroes (
– Texts translated in English by Balian The Mighty
– English voiceover by Calem Bendell
– Maps by OpenStreetMap. Data available under the ODbL license. Map under the CC-BY-SA license (

Also on Viveport: Ghost Pursuit VR ( )
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Nov 25, 2017
This Is A Highly Detailed Renderingof A Full Size Ship In Model Form Which Can Be Taken Apart To Show The Ships Build Detail / I Wait With Anticipation Fro What The Developer Brings VR In The Future

Nov 07, 2017
What the heck? I thought I was going sailing.Being able to pick up a mast and turn it sideways is not what I was expecting.

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