DracoDux DEMO-BraveDev

Released Nov 2016
You are a wizard able to control dragons. Draco has been captured by an evil wizard and
only you can aid him in returning to his home!

Draco can collect various power-ups unlocking new abilities, being your connection to the physical world.

Solve puzzles to progress, use magic, collect power ups to jump right into the 1:1 scale action using magic wands, bows, and explosives to defeat your enemies!

Search the environment for coins or items.

Help Draco by leading his way through a magical fantasy world full of dangers!


– turn your room into a virtual toybox adventure
– navigate Draco through various levels with point & click movement
– change perspectives from GOD VIEW to FPP 1:1 scale
– solve puzzles to progress
– collect coins for points and items in the game world
– take your time to explore each level!

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