Released Feb 2017
This project is made for lovers to show their special love to each other.The VR story include four interesting parts,such as A shady Path with an amazing fireworks,Fountain in the garden with some ancient animal,A magic world with lots of miraculous ray.Finally, the most creativity part,a sweety courtyard with cute dogs,big screen playing viedo,etc.It will be a great gift or experience for your lover.
If you have any request for modifying this project,example for adding your own video or words.Please sent email for kangchaomeng15@mails.ucas.ac.cn with your materials and aims.I will satisfy your need free of charge.

***********How To Play***********

1. Walking and body rotation –> TouchPad; Teleport –> Trigger button;
2. Enter the portal, you can go directly to the next scene;
3. Enter the Christmas scene, You can use another handle to interact with the dog by press the Trigger button.
At the appropriate time to press the Grip button, this handle will become a bouquet of roses, maybe it will give your girlfriend a surprise.

That’s all, have fun!

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