DrumKit VR-0o0

Released Jun 2016
” DrumKit VR ” is a VR game lets you play drum kit in VR world. Currently support HTC Vive.

– Bass Drum 22in
– Hi-Hat 14in
– Floor Tom 14in
– Crash Cymbal 18in
– Snare Drum 14in
– Tom-Tom 13in & 16in
– Splash Cymbal 12in
– Ride Cymbal 20in
– China Cymbal 20in

Two Vive handles are equivalent to drumsticks. Pull the left trigger to make Hi-Hat Open-Closed. Pull the right trigger to make a hit on Bass Drum. It’s that simple!

Next Version
Custom sound available.

Make sure there are no obstructions within the scope of activities or other people, especially children.

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