Dungeon Brewmaster-Super77

Released Jul 2018
Dungeon Brewmaster is an immersive VR experience that transports you into the role of a seemingly ordinary magical bartender. You’ll brew potions (or poisons) for a variety of fantastical patrons. Every recipe is unique, made from a collection of unusual raw ingredients. DBM’s narrative is emergent; you control it’s direction, and it unfolds at your pace. You’ll discover the deep, dark lore of the Harbor Dues Dungeon Tavern and the unique quirks of this strange world’s spellbinding inhabitants. Above all, you will unlock your true potential as a magical Brewmaster. Behind the old bar, you’ll find a constantly growing assortment of ingredients, equipment and utensils – all at your disposal. Each one with a specialized function that will test your wizardly skill level. Follow the recipes within the enchanted spell book to progress the story or meddle with your own original potions, as customers pass through the tavern doors. Your choices alone control the world of Dungeon Brewmaster.

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