Earthlight: Spacewalk-Opaque Space

Released Nov 2017 3.3★
Created by Australian Studio of the Year winner Opaque Space and in collaboration with NASA, Earthlight Spacewalk is the most realistic depiction of a spacewalk on the International Space Station. Also the winner of the Australia’s Game of the Year 2017, Earthlight lets players experience human space flight through the eyes of Ana, one of NASA’s brightest astronauts on a repair mission hundreds of kilometres above earth.

In this 15 minute experience, you will understand the wonders of what astronauts call the Overview Effect, a description of understanding the planet we live on in a new light, a spinning ball of life hanging in the endless universe. Learn how to realistically move in zero gravity, how to use real astronaut tools, ride the station’s robotic arm and experience the most breathtaking views on different weather effects on earth from orbit.

Using a native movement-method for VR, Earthlight Spacewalk delivers one of the most high-fidelity experiences for VIVE while contributing to real human space flight training.


Experience human space flight first hand and get as close as you might ever be to what only a few hundred people have been able to experience in the history of mankind
Learn about space travel and the challenges of a spacewalk in this high-fidelity VR experience
Use real tools that astronauts use when going on a spacewalk
Get the most unique view on planet earth with your own eyes and see the planet as you have never experienced before
Actively contribute to human space flight by supporting a company that works in collaboration with NASA on future astronaut training in VR
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Jan 10, 2018
Absolutely incredible!!! Best VR experience I have had so far! Im just sad it was so short! Would not hesitate to buy this if it were longer!

Sep 16, 2018
A very nice experience. Got to play around in zero gravity, felt a bit of panic when I missed the railing and slowly flew out into the empty space, unscrewed 4 bolts… I dig it!

Jun 06, 2018
very, very short – but cool.
please add more content, this would make me content.

why aren’t there much more floating in space apps.
don’t experience that seated, but standing!

Dec 02, 2017
Oh Please develop this further, its way to cool to stay a Tech Demo, its really Awesome and inspiring! This would be a game worthy of 60 bucks up and some early access support! 😀

Nov 30, 2017
Short but very sweet, this is the only space VR simulation you’ll find from a team with actual NASA resources. If taking a spacewalk is on your bucketlist this may just be the closest you get to ticking it off! Fantastic experience and I hope to see much more from this team. Also the experience felt very comfortable, I found other space sims like Adrift to cause nausia but this was perfectly fine. Thank you!

Nov 25, 2017
What A Beautiful 3D Simulation / I Felt I Was At The Orbiting Space Station And The View Was Heavenly / The only Down Side ‘ I Found Grabbing Hold And Moving Quite Glitchy ‘/ I wait With Anticipation For What This Developer Has In Store For VR s Future

Mar 01, 2018
Nun ja, ich soll was nettes sagen zu diesem interaktiven Video – ok es ist nett. Es gibt halt wohl einigermassen die visuellen Eindruecke wieder die man da draussen erlebt – viel besser werde ich es in meinem Leben wohl nicht zu sehen bekommen…..ich habe ja so wenig Zeit und das langwierige Training und die Anreise bleiben mir so erspart…und es *dient einem guten Zweck* und und…

Jan 18, 2018
Wow, great! Good immersion, interaction, graphics and voice acting. It’s very short for this price, but I see part of the price as an investment into getting more experiences like this in the future.

Dec 17, 2017
I liked it. It’s not a game. And it is very short. But the graphics are very nice – and so are the feeling of moving weightless.
Although if you pay full price – it is too expensive.

Dec 10, 2017
intresting experince ,you dont need to be a millioner to take the private trip to space ,use your vr and taste almost the same feeling. bad thing is ,it is too short. dont know because I am playing the subcription version?

Captain Slow
Dec 02, 2017
Nice 10-minute (not 15) seated experience, where you undertake as an ISS astronaut a short mission outside the space station.
Best parts for me are the aurora borealis and the fact that you can push yourself off the space station to drift away into space – at least for a short period.
Kind of reminds me a bit of “Gravity”.

Graphics and controls are quite good.

With the Black Friday 50% discount I give it 4 stars. For the full price I would only give 3 stars.

P.S.: If you stay in the start menu, you can have a nice flight over the Yucatán peninsula and Cuba.

Nov 28, 2018
– it was a polished experience.
– nice graphics.
– 8,45 is a little expensive for a around this 5-10min experience.
– i saw htc vive controllers instead of oculus touch controllers that made it a bit weird.
– lost my grip when i turned my head away from my hands.

Jul 07, 2018
Having seen multiple similar experiences I didn’t find it that special. Seeing aurora borealis from space was nice and the hand interactions as well as the experience overall was well made but overall it failed to make a lasting impression on me.

Nov 30, 2018
2/5 – graphics are adequate, but there isn’t any depth to the experience. Take a photo over here, unscrew a panel over there. Very short experience. Would only recommend for £1 or free. – AmazingTechVR

Jan 27, 2018
The helmet/suit graphic blocks out a good chunk from the viewport? It was probably intended to add a more realistic experience but it’s hard to ignore it and get a good view.

Jun 15, 2019
I didnt like it, sorry.

I found that the space suit didnt fit – By that I mean it rotate too much to the right for me.
Also, space suits dont behave this way – the helmet is fixed to the shoulders, so the helmet isnt supposed to move when you move your head. Hard to do in VR I know, but maybe have it react more sluggishly to movement. I liked the view of the space station, but the earth view wasnt wonderful or awe inspiring as the description says.
It would have been nice to stay in space and freely explore -, but when the (rather dull) task ends, so does the experience. Shame.

I found the female australian astronaut voice in my head rather irritating. She would have been better in my opinion as the voice from control telling you what to do, rather than a voice in your head speaking for you.

Jan 12, 2019

few minutes of irritation. ‘Hey, we have a model, let’s make you look at it’ kinda thing. Developers – do not ever do those two things: 1) if I grip anything, that grip should stay no matter what, it’s neither yours, nor the engine decision to loose that grip; 2) do not place anything “always on top”, just don’t (I’m referring to objective thingies).

Jul 20, 2019

Si no tienes Infinity: te sale a más de 1€ por minuto, con 0 rejugabilidad.
Con Infinity: no pierdas tu tiempo, tienes experiencias muchísimo mejores.
Que a lo mejor es muy realista y todo lo que tu quieras, pero se disfrutan más las imágenes promocionales que la experiencia.

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