Released Oct 2016 4.1★
Enjoy the first educational lab for VR. Interact with several different educational objects, simulations, animations, environments and games.

– Visit and wander along a replica of the original Coliseum. Feel like gladiators did and imagine the crowd cheering for your final victory. If you are brave, take a leap into the air from the top of the arena.

– Interact with objects and buildings of various periods of the world history. See their interiors and curious details.

– Are you good in geography? Can you recognize famous sites around the world and localize them on a huge interactive globe? If so, take a chance and try to beat the high scores of the most known travellers on this fun and addictive game.

– Experiment inside a functional science laboratory, observe several procedures and be careful not to break anything!

– Do you like animals? Take an oportunity to study them and their habitats. See details of the cells and understand the differences between them by interacting with all the organelles.

– Have you ever tried mixing colors? How about shooting colored balloons into targets in the shortest time possible?

– More coming soon…

User Reviews

Oct 03, 2016
Very good plus it’s free, free games are always worth a try so just try this game out, you’ll probably enjoy it

Oct 03, 2016
Nice intro level VR great for kids mostly. A little hard to navigate. It has a way to go but nicely thought out and informative.

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