Eggcellent VR-Happy Bat Games

Released Feb 2019
Eggcellent VR is inspired by an old Mickey Mouse egg catching game on Nintendo Game & Watch platform. In the very core of the game sits arcade culture with constantly challenging levels. Game features additional game modes that are not related to egg catching to make the game more content full and entertaining.

Game accessibility – Very easy to understand but hard to master
Challenge – constantly growing difficulty will make you entertained for a long time

Satisfaction – there is nothing more satisfying than perfectly completing a level and seeing those little cute chicken bumping their heads on each other in attempt to run (No, not really)

Three different gaming modes:

Classic Egg catcher – catch as many eggs as you can (those chicks may get a little wild sometimes)
Fishing – Because why wouldn’t we add it?
Cow protection – Protect you cows from constant waves of UFO trying to steal it (Because it makes a perfect sense.)
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

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