Eggs Catcher VR New Game Release, have announced a new game – Eggs Catcher VR.

This game is an opportunity to feel nostalgic, remind yourself of the favourite game of the 1980s and look at the old traditions through the lens of virtual reality. It is ideal for those, who are tired of Zombie outbreaks, shooting and an atmosphere of the Apocalypse.

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Eggs Catcher will attract the players of all ages. Using virtual reality helmets Oculus and HTC Vive gamers will follow the footsteps of the very wolf from a famous Soviet cartoon “Well, just you wait!”! Helmets respond to all head movements of the player. This game will be available on the platforms Steam and Vive port.
Eggs Catcher VR is a modern interpretation of the good classics. Leading plot outline will remain the same – the main goal of a player is to catch as many eggs as possible using a special basket and receive points for it.
The eggs move along their own trajectory, while the speed is getting faster in each round, which means that you are going to have to maneuver. Thanks to virtual reality, the player becomes the character’s arms and eyes. Eggs Catcher VR has a fitness mode, which will give you an opportunity to track how many calories you burned while chasing the catch. You will have to work hard, as the number of chutes, from which the eggs are rolling, is increasing by minute.

Eggs Catcher VR introduces interesting novelties, which make the process even more enjoyable. Each round will give you an opportunity to try something new. For example, there are new bonus eggs in green colour, which will give players additional points. Their opposite is red eggs. They may explode and destroy everything you have caught already.

Now the game has a store, where you can buy various bonuses – additional settings. For example, golden eggs. They can be rolled and juggled. Or, perhaps, players will be interested in purchasing a bigger egg basket. Or a basket that has soft sides to avoid damaging the catch. You can also select weather conditions: winter or spring.
The game is available in two languages – English and Russian. You can play a campaign or select the classic version.
Eggs Catcher VR provides more than just entertainment. It is a real attention and concentration training, since the player’s catch is very fragile. A VRgal bunny will provide support and comment on what the player does. This character is perfectly voiced and reacts to everything that is happening in the game.

According to critics, Eggs Catcher VR is a perfect example of what a modern virtual reality project should look like. It has a dynamic plot, moral motives and elements of physical activity. Also, Eggs Catcher does not require any special skills – it is suitable for everyone who wants to play. It is a fusion of good traditions and trends of the future. This game will help you develop your reaction and dexterity, carefully think through your tactics and strategy, and encourage you to think outside the box.
The game will be available free of charge. The link to download will be released very soon. For the time being, you can try the beta version.
Eggs Catcher VR has a special place among the variety of virtual reality games. There are no chases, persecution and bloody scenes. The game evokes only positive and sincere emotions.