Released Oct 2018
Aug-18-2017 update!

-New 6 songs released
-New game play added

Want to experience the feeling of your heart pulsing and your adrenaline soaring?

Then come and shake your head while you follow the pulse of the colorful notes!

-Developed by Unreal Engine 4 !
-World Ranking !
-Racing and rhythm games !
-Electronic music !

ElectroBeats is a combination of electronic style and the rhythm of the game, you will need to turn your head to control your direction. Strike the notes flying towards you and nod when the purple note approaches.

Tips: combo and nodding can get amazing high marks, don’t hit the wall!

You might not feel comfortable controlling your direction by turning your head at first, but just imagine you are driving on the road, and you need to look at the desired direction first before you want to change lanes.

All songs in this game are provided by NCS (No Copyright Sound). You can visit NCS’ YouTube Channel for more information.

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