Escape Legacy-Storming Tech

Released Dec 2018 3.8★
Escape Legacy takes puzzle games to the next level, focusing on realism and high-detailed Graphics! Player takes control of Erica, an archeologist who follows the adventurous steps of her grandfather. Your job is to find, collect and reveil the secrets of those ancient scrolls. Explore all escape rooms, solve puzzles, find items and escape before time run’s out and compete with players from all over the world!

– Puzzles and Items Change Every Time you Play
– Amazing Game Graphics
– 10 Levels with 80+ Rooms to explore
– Over 10 Hours of Gameplay
– Challenging Puzzles
– Thrilling Music and Sound Effects
– Player Interactive Gaming Enviroment
– Intelligent Inventory System
– Unique Scoring system with Global Scoreboards

User Reviews

May 16, 2019
The puzzles are superb. The difficulty is very high, with the first hunch on a solution often not working, and upon second inspection of the clue a subtlety reveals a slightly modified interpretation of the clue is needed. Alternatively, puzzles can be brute forced in reasonable time. It’s a port, and the solutions are on youtube, though a lot of puzzles are procedurally generated, making the posted solutions correct in method only, but the actual codes will differ. I dock it a fractional star for too many key-to-a-box-containing-a-key “puzzles,” and hiding a key in a hard to find place is just lame. This game reduces appearance of my chaperone, overriding my settings. Has a global leaderboard, with no opt out.

Jan 16, 2019

Why one star? Because the developer himself rated it 5 stars. This is false advertisement…

Apr 28, 2019

I was able to play for about 5 minutes, then got stuck, with absolutely no hint system or way to proceed. I uninstalled the game.

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