Escape Room VR: Stories-PunkPirates

Released Mar 2018 3.6★
Escape Room VR: Stories is a game based on the popular real-life escape rooms. It uses VR capabilities to its full potential. The locations are full of objects that players can interact with, the environment is very realistic and detailed. Each room has it own plot that combines together into one story. Every location has three different endings which depend on the player’s success in unraveling their secrets. The plot is presented to the player through graphic novel cutscenes.

Can you solve the crime thriller awaiting?

You’ll be playing as two different characters put in quite difficult predicaments. You’ll have only 30 minutes to find your way out of each room. Every location offers a different variety of puzzles and riddles which will test your logical thinking, wittiness and even dexterity at times. On your way to solving the mystery and revealing the full story, you’ll get entangled in the white collar crimes of the financial world in Dirty Money. Next, you will have to pass the final trial of the notorious fraternity only to find yourself in a seemingly hopeless situation in Mad Kidnapper. Good luck!

User Reviews

Mar 02, 2019
Great escape rooms (there are 3). About 4 hours of content.

Dec 31, 2018
Great game comprised of 3 seperate yet somewhat related VR rooms. Each level is about the same level of complexity, and all problems are solvable with logic and time. Each level takes about 2-3 attempts to complete, each of which is close to 30mins in duration. So for a few bucks, you certainly get your money’s worth. On the constructive criticism side; 1) The cartoon components seemed to add no value other than make the game longer. 2) Collision of objects in your hand are frustrating when they hit objects while teleporting. In many cases, they beemed somewhere that was unretreivable and forced me to quit the game. 3) Need a restart or quit option. All said and done, a fun game that despite a few bugs and quirks is thoroughly enjoyable and well worth the download.

Nov 30, 2018
The controls ruin the game. It is really enjoyable but ruined. the teleporting is really tricky to get in the right place. When bending down you generally end up putting your head inside things which makes your view go black. The hands are not in the right oreintation, they need rotating 90 degrees, Its really off putting. The floor, it is not in the right place. I cannot get it in the right place no matter what I do, so a few occasions have ended in me having to close to game (since there is no ingame menu) and start again due to dropping something on the floor. My wife and I really enjoyed the game and aare still playing despite these bugs. Would be 5 stars if it wasn’t for the problems above. Would also be nice to have a non timed mode, so people who are not so good with controls can also enjoy it at Vr parties ect.

Jun 07, 2019
The teleport-only controls make it almost impossible to get to the right position. Unless you are playing in Room-scale it fustating to pick anything up of the ground or reach into cupboards. the hand orientation makes inserting keys fiddly. It would be a pretty solid escape room game if you weren’t forced to use teleport movement and had an option to adjust the brightness setting.

Oct 29, 2018

the handling of this game is really bad and frustrating, making it hard to focus on playing the game.

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