Etherian-Simulacrum Interactive

Released Feb 2019
Traverse the fractured scapes to test your skills, uncover the stories of the ancients, or explore the mystical world around you in search of secrets.

An adventure-platformer with light puzzle solving elements set in a beautiful, vibrant world, Etherian offers hours of gameplay from navigating the obstacle course like levels and learning the story of your ancestors, to seeking out secrets, unlockables, and easter eggs.


Get moving:
Enjoy a more hands-on way of traversing the world, including jumping, climbing, swinging, swimming, and more. The fractured scapes are perilous, but with a little practice and skill can be overcome.

Go where you want:
Fully explorable environments with secrets and shortcuts to be found for those adventurous enough to go looking.

Play at your own pace:
Master the courses, take in the scenery, or go off the beaten path in search of treasures – the choice is yours, with things to do and sights to see wherever you may roam.

Hours of content:
20 levels across 4 biomes each with alternate routes, lore, unlockables, and easter eggs.

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