Excavator harbor job-LEE DH

Released Dec 2018 4.3★
This is excavator operation simulation on harbor job episode.
User can learn basic control patterns of excavator joystick, fishing boat and truck.
In relaxing ocean environment 3 of challenging harbor job is waiting for you.

More episode coming soon.

User Reviews

Jan 23, 2019
It’s exactly as janky as it looks, but legit this is probably the single best simulator for construction equipment I’ve seen yet in VR. Very good implementation on everything, even the truck. Wish this mechanic was part of a larger game with some better graphic polish but for viveport this is exactly the kind of experience you blow your subs on. Fun for 30 min or so and the deve did a great job with the details.

Apr 03, 2019
I always wondered what operating an excavator was like, and now I know! The physics seem pretty solid, you can even push yourself around (or up) with the bucket. It boots to a launcher dialog box on your desktop, if you have a GTX970 or better set it to highest quality and at least the resolution of the vive. Once you complete training there are currently 3 levels at the time of this review. You’ll also get to drive a boat! It’ll take about half an hour to complete the missions, but a lifetime to master. If the author is still making levels, I recommend digging through YouTube for “excavator tricks” for ideas.

Aug 17, 2019
It makes you realize how difficult it is to drive an excavator. It is even more difficult because there is no force feedback. Unfortunately it made me sick when I glitched close to a building.

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