Released Apr 2019 4.5★
“Fairyland” is a single player VR experience. It takes you into a surreal and color world in ancient China. You can have a relaxed yet adventurous walk through the oriental landscape, alongside quietly flowing streams, mysterious bamboo fields, kiosks, temples etc., a wild ride on a crane through the outlandish mountains, while looking for secret treasures. Along the adventure, you will set free the lanterns discovered on the path, make a wish toward the starry Fairyland sky and toll the gigantic Bell of Nature. “Fairyland” awaits to be explored by the curious and adventurous minds.

1. Roaming around
2. Riding on a Crane
3. Tolling the Bell of Nature
4. Making wishes to a KongMing Lantern
5. Watching the fireworks

User Reviews

May 06, 2019
Beutiful graphics and calming gameplay.

Dec 28, 2019
Astonishing textures, especially waterfalls. Amazing experience with goose flight, real flying animations… Great fireworks, my eyes were really pleased. Chineese girl that speaks, very hot. Such wow, much recommend. Keep doing what you are doing. My autism was cured.

May 05, 2019
Beautifull landscape but very small area, with a locomotion mode way too limited (On Oculus Touch, push the thumb stick to move forward in the looking direction) and no interaction at all except the crane flight.
It’s a free experience hence the 3 stars, also with sincere encouragement to the developper(s) in making it better and maybe build a nice exploration/ puzzle game in this gorgeous environnment?

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