Fall Fear Fly Redemption-Lobaki, Inc

Released Aug 2017
Fall Fear Fly Redemption is an experience that immerses the player in worlds both realistic and surreal. Take a leap of faith and be transported to destinations unknown.

The creation of Fall Fear Fly Redemption debuts a unique approach to the world of game development. The developers of this game consist of students from one of America’s most impoverished towns. This Social Entrepreneur and Community Revitalization project has brought these students together as a team to learn the process of design, development, testing and release of a VR game. Fall Fear Fly Redemption is an experience that is designed to develop over time through the connection with its community. The feedback and comments of its users will directly shape the experiences reflected in game, allowing for a constant expansion of content as well as furthering the development of its students.

Join us, and become part of this education and revitalization effort while being transported to ever expanding worlds.

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