Fear Simulator-lblsoft Studio

Released Feb 2019 2.2★
The Fear Simulator “is a specially designed for VR games make the unique psychological Fear, believe and you ever played the game of terror, this game is committed to the real picture and sound effects, reducing psychological Fear, let people Fear no ghosts in the game, the stimulation such as bloody, but painted a horrible scene, let the players through VR immersion, feel the Fear of the depths of the soul, there are 12 scenes in the game (contain common phobias, such as:Acrophobia, dense phobia, deep phobia, etc.), and will be updated as more free to join the scene, the game scene is by the team meticulously, restore the real fear in people’s mind, I hope this game can bring you different gaming experience, let you by VR real immersed in fear, feel the fear, enjoy fear, conquer fear!

User Reviews

Oct 19, 2019
If you don’t compare this with a normal or horror game, It does what it claims. There are 12 specific phobias inside. You can have the oportunity to test your inner sudden reaction whether you have a tendency to that phobia or not. Even though the poor graphics quality, being immersive and sound makes it work to some extend, at least for a second, and that can be enough if you observe your emotions.

Apr 06, 2019

Overall just poorly made

Apr 05, 2019

Great concept, horrible implementation. I don’t know if this is just done by a first time student to game developing but it really needs a lot of work not to be laughable at everything.

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