Feed A Titanosaur-Immotion Studios Limited

Released Apr 2019
Feed A Titanosaur is the ideal introduction to VR for a first time user and remains a favourite which people recall months later.

Customers will love this experience and be talking about it well after they leave the venue! It is easy to control, delightfully original and has a couple of very nice surprises all in a five minute timeframe. An informative voice over guides users through the experience.

About the experience
Come face to face with one of the largest creatures to ever walk planet Earth and feed it! The object of this bite-sized educational project is to allow amazing facts to be delivered in an immersive VR experience, with a focus on our Titanosaur – Argentinosaurus.

We love to innovate. In developing interactive installations for visitor centres, museums and galleries we always aim to bring original concepts to life in new ways. This project blends the simple concept of dinosaur interaction with a friendly, highly detailed 3D mesh model, animating realistically and adjusting it’s poses based on the player’s actions – all delivered using an HTC Vive at room scale.

As a result the team has delivered a memorable VR experience blending incredible facts with moments of surprise and delight. In addition, running on an HTC Vive allows participants to move around the prehistoric landscape and inspect this Titanosaur up close using ‘dash’ teleport.

Sir David Attenborough launched this experience last year at York Museum as part of their Yorkshire’s Jurassic World exhibition and now for the first time it has been released for VR arcade and educational use. It is the ideal introduction to VR for first time VR arcade users. The experience is around five minutes in length.

“Tremendous… I imagine every child for miles around will want to see it!”
Sir David Attenborough.

We have tried to price the experience at a level which makes great sense to arcade businesses and to encourage as wide an uptake as possible.

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