Ferrule Toys-vr2045.com 虚世界

Released Dec 2016
Ferrule Toys between the people’s Square toy toy set simulation in real life play, use side ring
Go to a variety of toys on the floor. The next version of the game will support two players to play together, providing a score board function
Statistics of the players in the circle of prize income points. Invite friends quickly relive this classic game of nostalgia it rings
Play brief: 1 props
Left hand or right hand near the bamboo ring on the table and press the trigger button to pick up.
2 throw props
Use appropriate efforts to throw out, and loosen the trigger button out of bamboo circle.
3 scoring rules
When the bamboo ring is sheathed on the toy can score, score from front to rear in order to improve.
4 reset function.
After the end of the game, the game is over, press the button on the table to reset the bamboo circle. Score board empty.

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