First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis Simulator-Mikori Games

Released Jan 2017 3.5★
First Person Tennis
is the first tennis simulator developed for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and WMR.

The game runs in no-VR mode too and it’s playable with a joypad or keyboard.

Now, you can play on a real tennis court and face professional tennis players.
You’ll have to show all your technical and tactical skills. The game is designed for gamepad or keyboard too.

– 13 Tournaments.
– 7 Different court surfaces: clay, grass, hard, blue-green hard, classic synthetic, indoor hard and indoor synthetic; each with a specific rebound.
– 4 Camera modes.
– Training Mode.
– Full ranking system.
– Fully customizable 3D male player.
– 2 Players split screen.

VR Features:
– Arcade and Simulation mode.
– Online Multiplayer.
– Vive Tracker support: Play with your real tennis racket!
– 3 different ways to run through the court: Teleport, Run in Place, Sliding Run.
– One handed serve.

User Reviews

Jan 11, 2019
ive owned this game for years i added it to vive sub just so i could leave it a positive review i literally have 100’s of vr games this is one of my favorite top 3 by far, people dont understand this game is best played with one controller it allows for two handed shots it changes the whole game im just not sure how multiplayer with no teleport is going to work with one controller ive been praying and praying and waiting for multiplayer like ping pong but i just dont know how theyre going to make movement work without teleport i always run past the ball but i will give them time and patience this game will change vr tennis forever

Apr 03, 2019
Its like being in the near and distant future on travel to mars and needing some leisure and escape on the trip.Its totally realistic and accurate.

Jan 26, 2019
The Best tennis simulator by far very good gameplay graphic and awesome challeging!

Jan 03, 2019
First Person Tennis ist the
best VR sports-simulation. It feels like you’re oncourt.
Like Tony already said, the timing should be improved, but its still in beta with lots of updates, so i’m pretty sure it’ll feel perfect soon.

Jun 30, 2019
Meilleur jeu de tennis VR. Mon seul regret est de ne pas pouvoir se teleporter quand on joue en ligne, résultat après un set, un mal de coeur pas possible. Le monde solo quand à lui est nickel

Jun 01, 2019
Really enjoy playing this. Great tennis simulation with loads of options and courts.

Nov 17, 2019
Super Realistic! amazing job on the mechanics of the game. You just have to learn how to manually move on it. I suggest the automatic moving for a nice play.

Apr 16, 2018
This is certainly worth far more than the 1 star previously given. I have not tried the tracker so perhaps that was a bug. However, the game itself is the most immersive and accurate tennis game I have ever played.

I do have some issues with clarity but cannot run much oversampling or high detail levels without stutter. I rarely have issues with my GTX 1080 keeping up.

If you want to get some exercise, and like to play tennis whenever you want, this is quite enjoyable. I severed my Achilles years ago and really cannot run on a real court so this is the next best thing.

Dec 20, 2018
I’m enjoying this, but the forehand timing seems a bit out (or is it just me?) Whenever I swing for a forehand ball, I’m always too late, but if I swing earlier it doesn’t feel authentic. But besides that it has definate potential, and the ball physics and positioning is really good. Also, I could do with better instructions foir how to perform various shots, at the tutorial just puts you up against a ball machine, and you have to work it out yourself. Could do with an option to change the ball colour, as it’s sometimes hard to see a green ball against a green background! Good fun though.

May 14, 2019
Seems to work fine, I just do not have enough space to play and the WMR tracking does not seem to be sufficient. With Vive it should be a fun game, if you are into tennis.

Jun 23, 2019
Good overall representation of the game of tennis. Commentary gets a bit repetitive, and often inappropriate to what’s happen. eg: backhand down the line is called an awesome forehand.

Would like to have more interactions with ballboys and umpire. Maybe a review system just like in real tournaments. Crowd should also vary in intensity depending on state of game. Got the same cheer for first point as I did for winning the match.

Sep 01, 2019
Not fun with my vive. I tried many many time to enjoy it because it looks a good game.

Compared with another tennis game with my vive,

This game
1. too small fonts, so not easy to read.
2. Background image is bad. my eyes are painful
3. fun easier level must be there as another option.
4. it does not hit the ball many times. obviously I hit the ball, but it missed several times.
5. I turned on the vive tracking option, but why it does not do automatically? or it did not ask about it. I had to find it manually.

Aug 22, 2019
there is a great game in here somewhere, but right now the timing and collision detection are way too inconsistent to recommend this game. way too often do you completely miss the ball when it looks like you did everything right.

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