Flashing Beat-Vive Studios

Released Jun 2018
Flashing Beat is a unique virtual reality music game where your can have fun playing your guitar. In case i never made this clear to you my friend,I mean, rock ‘n’ roll!!
A setup offering these features would only be possible for a very hefty price tag and a large space . In Flashing Beat ,we can easily make your music dream come true! Become a fingerstyle player or just strum something cool. Do whatever you want. Immerse yourself in a magical music space, just like a real live guitar concert! Your goal is to strum the beats correctly. it is a creative application that allows anyone, at any age, to create and perform great music or play like a guitarist, regardless of their musical experience or abilities!

key feature
1. Flashing Beats is the most realistic depiction of a guitar performance.
2. Feel the Beat. Follow the rhythm. Rock ‘n’ rolllllll!
3. Immerse yourself in virtual live concerts, crescendoing to the climax of crowd’s cheering and screaming
4. magical scene. Enjoy the unique feast to your ears and eyes!

Note:Flashing Beat requires an Android mobile phone working as a controller. Please follow our offical Wechat account “VIVEPORT” , reply “Flashing Beat”, and download the app. You can also search “Flashing Beat Mobile Controller” on Google Play and free download.
Tips:When you are trying to connect the mobile phone to the headset,please make sure they are both connected to the same LAN

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