Fortune Farm VR Demo-沈阳午光智能科技有限公司

Released Jan 2017
The Fortune Farm VR is a forming type of Virtual Reality simulation life game.In this game the player will become a farmer and operating their own farm.

The current version of demo with the planting,fishing,mining,and upgrade game elements,etc.
Through work,harvest,growth,our players will experience the hardships and happiness as a farmer.

We will strive for complete the test before Christmas coming and release this version for free, then we hope that can bring you different experience.The next release version, we will unlock construction and livestock farming. Player can even keep a pet if the developing schedule is permitted 🙂

All of this just a beginning. Everything that you want to do and you are able to do will be more and more in our farm. In the future version, we plan to add different game content such as the seasonal change, cave exploration and market. We need your opinions and feedback to help us to locate and improve this game.Now,the time is coming. Please vote for us with your precious one.We’re appreciate your support.

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