Frol Blok-GDL

Released May 2018
An experiment to become invisible. A bomb to cover it up if I fail. And a mistake that left me only 15 minutes before the bomb detonation. My name is Frol Blok and this is the beginning of my story.

Frol Blok – quest-room that is inspired by an old-school quests. Stuffing that is made out of non-linear story, narrative and charismatic protagonist is waiting for you. Independent scientist from snowy Santa-Beria and simply adventurer-opportunist who is always ready to comment out everything with a couple of useful (and not really) one thoughts. At the same time, VR technology enables to add mechanics of climbing, detail examinations of finds and force affect on environment except classical items finding and combination.

It’s a small game, but if you like it the story will be continued.

Key Features:

Non-linear story.
Both endings will be achieved only by the most crazy scientists;

High replayability.
Next try will be much funnier because of generator that will swap the room content randomly;

High level of interaction.
Burn and break, pull and climb, combine and make that work;

Narrative stuffed.
Frol is a grouchy person, but you will team up. His story and surrounding world have very addictive atmosphere.

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