Frontier VR-gaugepunk games

Released Apr 2017 2.8★
Frontier takes you deep into the wild west in stunning virtual reality.

Discover a world bursting with life, from adorable bunnies hopping through the wilderness, to grizzly bears stalking you in the snow. Explore deserts brimming with colour, snowy woodlands with towering pines, and see the dawn of modern civilization in the bison inhabited great plains.

You can hunt a wide range of critters, but the wilderness also holds larger animals like deer, bison and grizzly bears!
The sky is also dense with hawks, snowy owls and bursts of tiny birds.

Every animal on the frontier has fully interactable (and sometimes even pickup-able) rag dolls, which thanks to the amazing quality of the HTC Vive, feel incredibly real. We recommend trying out the night time lighting, as the warm glow of your camp sites lamp mixed with truly dark nights leads to some of the most immersive virtual reality we have experienced to date!

Progress through the game, discovering new areas and guns as you hunt and explore, or experience the completed scenes immediately. It’s your choice how you experience the world of Frontier.
Pulling off impressive aim and speed will reward you with a range of guns inspired by those of the wild west.
Looking for a simple set of classic revolvers? maybe some sawn-off shotguns? or even a sniper rifle?
Well you can shoot cute little bunnies with all of them!

Frontier is room-scale, and is based around locomotion-free interactive scenes.

Shooting wooden signs will take you between scenes, and you can always go to an interactive menu by shooting any “Red Rocks” sign post.
Some notable things you will find on the menu are:

Input: you can choose between a very simple 1-button input (recommended for people new to VR) or a 2-button input, which makes use of the grip buttons.

Random: pop into a random scenario, with some special animal encounters.

Reset and Continue: when you first launch the game, you will be able to play through the games progression. If you go back to the main menu and continue, you can resume progression. If you instead shoot a destination sign, you can play that scene with all the guns unlocked!

Cheats: if you really want to, you can shoot the bucket on the menu and enable some debug cheats. when using debug, press your Vive’s menu button to teleport yourself around (helpful for setting a custom seated position).

Regardless of whether you are brand new to virtual reality, or a real enthusiast, there’s is a lot of fun to be had in the wild west.
You can even pop your grandmother straight in, as Frontier uses incredibly simple one button input (or include the grip buttons, if you prefer) and contains absolutely no locomotion that could cause discomfort.

No matter what you are looking for in a VR game, Frontier will give you something to love!

User Reviews

Jan 05, 2018
‘Frontier’ Is A Quality Wild West Shooting Simulation / The Bunnies Are So Cute And Adorable ‘BANG’ / I Enjoy ‘Frontier’ And So Do My Friends / I Wait With anticipation For What This Develper Brings To Our VR Future {:^)

Apr 02, 2018
There isn’t a whole lot to do in Frontier VR, and that may be an issue with many players looking for more depth in a VR experience set on the wild frontier. It can feel as simple as a casual shooting gallery without a scoring system or waves of animals coming at you. Some may find this to be refreshing, and perhaps given that you aren’t forced to pick up a gun at all, some may enjoy visiting this environment for the virtual escapism and scenery, perhaps making for a great place to relax and mediate. There are plenty of virtual shooting gallery games on Vive, and more than a few VR relaxation environments, but Frontier VR doesn’t seem to really commit to being one or the other. As a result, it can feel more like the amount of content is lacking and come across as more of a technical demo than a fully-featured game to explore.

Oct 10, 2017
I wouldn’t recommend buying this game due the delay in movements. Otherwise the game was atmospheric and when the lights went out i could feel panic rising as it was almost impossible to see at all.

Apr 27, 2019
Nothing to do but shoot innocent critters, and only with the guns you can reach inside your roomscale bounds. Since there is no locomotion or teleportation, you will not be “exploring.” Beautifully rendered scenes and great lighting effects, though.

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