Fruit Ninja-Halfbrick Studios

Released Sep 2016 3.5★
The juiciest, most action-packed burst of fruit-filled fun is here! Re-imagined by the immersive power of virtual reality, Fruit Ninja VR brings you closer to the action than ever before.

From backyard to battleground, transform your world as you compete against rival players in Four Diverse and Exciting Modes:
• Classic – The classic gameplay you know and love! You have 3 lives, make them count!
• Arcade – Pure mayhem. Slice your way through the madness and score insane combos!
• Zen – A more ‘relaxing’ experience to hone your skills. Practice makes perfect.
• NEW ‘Survival’: Test your reflexes as waves of fruit are flung at your face! Don’t flinch.

Leaderboards: Fancy yourself the ultimate ninja? Compare against friends and foe from all over the world!

Index Controller Support: The power is in your hands… Index support allows you to truly feel the blade within your grasp.

Dynamic Weather: Strike in the night or hide in plain sight. Take a moment amidst the chaos to witness the transition from sun-filled skies to dazzling starry nights!

Action-packed bursts of fruit slicing mayhem, paired with the ‘pick-up and play’ nature of Fruit Ninja, allow for a seamless transition from district to dojo. Play now!

User Reviews

Oct 24, 2018
Despite its familiarity, Fruit Ninja VR has proven to be a sublime virtual reality experience, creating the best and most immersive version of the game to date. With its proven, short-form gameplay paired with an excellent physics model, super responsive motion tracking, and polished audio-visuals, Fruit Ninja VR is the type of game that can please virtual reality enthusiasts of every stripe.

May 09, 2019
If you have played fruit ninja on your phone/tablet then you know exactly what your getting. I thought it was great and they did a good job bringing it from 2D into VR, GFX are smooth and it’s a lot of fun! Kids absolutely love it and it’s great excersize for them too, work up quite a sweat when slashing the fruit like crazy 🙂
One word of caution though – when letting the kids loose on this game keep an eye on them that they don’t get too close to a wall/tv etc because they will destroy the controller (or TV!) with their slashing motions in excitement.

Jul 30, 2019
Fruit Ninja is incredible. I’ve played it forever on the phone, and when I heard about it in VR I was overjoyed.
Seriously, this game gives you a run for its money. It is well put together, fun gameplay that never felt clunky, I never ran into any issues. I seriously recommend this game, it’s a blast to play!

Nov 08, 2018
Defintely recommend with the subscription. However, $20AUD seems steep for what it is.
Good family friendly fun, something kids woulds really enjoy, and a great game for a party of any age.
The only downside (aside from the price) is that sometimes the swords hit the fruit away rather than slice them if swiping up, which makes classic mode difficult.

Dec 10, 2019
This is what Fruit Ninja was meant for. From the original swiping your finger across an iPad, now you can be a true Ninja, slicing the fruit with a sword as it comes flying at you. If you try to get up on the leaderboards you will be getting quite the workout. Fun for little bursts and entertaining for newcomers to VR, but it does get a bit boring after a while. There are different modes and surprisingly they recently updated some features.

Nov 01, 2019
Mes contrôleurs VIVE ne sont pas reconnus…..

edit: après une mise à jour de ceux-ci tout est ok, mais ça bugue un peu parfois et c’est difficile mais sinon c’est cool !

PS: ne vaut pas plus que 4€

Nov 17, 2018
While it is satisfying hitting multiple fruits in a row, I didn’t find much variety in the modes despite their separate names. At the end of a round it seems to take longer than it should to bring up your results. Graphics were great without me having to touch a dial, can’t say the same about that fruit shooter game (which unfortunately seems to have a more interesting gameloop). May be worth subscribing (at most) if you have someone to compete with locally for highscores, or have friends over a lot. I might play it a bit more but I probably should have subbed differently.

Jun 18, 2019
Versión identica a la que jugué hace casi 10 años en smartphone, pero esta vez más interactiva. Ahora eso no quiere decir que el juego sea mejor. Me aburro a los 5 minutos de estar jugando. Lo dejo en la librería ya que es un juego con el que te puedes picar con algunos colegas en casa.

May 30, 2019
Not my type of game. Graphics was good. Controls (for menu and choosing name) super weird, on Oculus Rift. Maybe for subsciption to see if you like it.

Mar 17, 2019
Very well done and polished. A good VR experience, but very lacking in content and replayability. Outside of aiming for higher scores you’ve got only about 10 minutes of content spread across 4 very similar gamemodes all located in the same map within the game.

I would not recommend picking this up unless it were cheaper or you really like slicing fruit.

Jun 23, 2019

Does not support Oculus Rift Touch Controllers, Cant get off the leaderboard where it tells you to enter your name.

Sep 18, 2019

I can start the game and play one round, but after Game Over no Menu appears to start a new game. Also the game doesn’t respond to any buttons anymore at that point. Looking around is still working, the game doesn’t crash. I have to quit the game from Windows and restart, just to have the same problem again. Playing with Valve Index + Index Controllers.

>> I also sent the above text as a support request to Halfbrick Studios. I’ll update this review if they get back to me.

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