Released Jan 2019 3.5★
Welcome to your Fun VR Farm ! It’s a simple game for small kids who wants to discover VR with a nice and peaceful environment and with simple mechanics : Your have to take care of the farm by making the animals happy by giving them their favorite food and water. You can gather food on the ground, in the trees, at the Mill… Unlock over 15 cute animals by winning some golds after cleaning the farm, bringing back lost animals, selling food to shops.

User Reviews

Jan 30, 2019
Great for childrens ! Simple and intuitive

Jun 06, 2019
I enjoy the game, my wife who is fairly new to VR enjoys it, and she can play with the cute animals and climb trees. It’s fun for what it is- now if I could find one that was slightly more immersive, I wouldn’t complain but this is darn near perfect kids game- maybe a little guidance would help on that watch of yours.

Feb 26, 2019
really great for children but i was looking for more of a stardew valley experience not a lets run around washing pigs.. Its true to discription but a little lacking for me.

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