Gnomes & Goblins (preview)-Wevr

Released Sep 2016 4.4★
Gnomes & Goblins is an original production from Wevr (theBlu) that offers players a unique opportunity to explore an enchanted VR world created by Jon Favreau (director of The Jungle Book, Chef, Iron Man). In this preview, players meet and develop a personal relationship with an enigmatic resident of this interactive fantasy, taking a first step into the lucid dream of Gnomes & Goblins and its many realms and denizens.

Gnomes & Goblins is developed using Wevr’s VR character AI framework and is available on the Wevr Transport network. Gnomes & Goblins is co-produced and co-published by Wevr and Reality One.

User Reviews

Nov 13, 2018
Want to showoff how good VR realy is ?
Then you cant go wrong here. this is a lovely example of what the creators can do, without a doubt its the best example of a good VR game and will keep you from removing it because its so good.
If Wevr can get around to finishing this it will be in my basket

Sep 17, 2018
The best most immersive VR world todate!!! Hands down the most detail and reactive enviornment of any VR game I’ve played. I can almost feel the grass move through my fingers. For me this thing doesn’t even need to be a game. Make this thing Sim like and I would totally “live” in this world with these guys. Thanks for this experience. I need more.

May 12, 2018
Une splendeur ! Décidemment Wevr ne font que du sublime en VR.
Graphisme au TOP. Atmosphère vraiment sympa. Dommage que ce ne soit qu’une démo. On attend impatiemment la suite !
A recommander de Wevr: The Blue en version complète. L’immersion dans un récif coralien est incroyable. Les poissons sont plus vrais que nature et la définition est exceptionnelle. On y resterait des heures tellement c’est beau.

Jan 27, 2018
I LOVE this preview!! It has very good graphics and the goblin is SO CUTE!! I cannot wait until the full game comes out. Im also very curious on what the gnomes will look like and the surroundings too. The ONLY thing I would reccomend is that you should make there more to do. I’m very excited to see what happens after you turn tiny on the goblin preview. The detail in this game is AMAZING!!! 5/5 stars FOR SURE!! Great job peoples!! Can’t wait for the NEW AND IMPROVED full game!!

Dec 20, 2017
Einfach nur bezaubernd. Ich bin hingerissen.
Und hier wird etwas umgesetzt, was in anderen Spielen noch sehr selten ist: wirklich realistische Interaktion mit den VR-Wesen dort.
BTW: ring the bell again 🙂

Nov 21, 2017
This Is A Wonderful Beautifully Rendered And Rich 3D Enviroment / I wait With Anticipation For What The Developer Brings Us In The Future

Apr 19, 2017
Super tolle Grafik und klasse Spielidee. Für das kostenlose Preview gibt es von mir volle Punktzahl. Wenn man jedoch zum “schnellen” Ende gerät, so wird man selbst auf die Größe eines Goblins geschrumpft und findet sich in deren Welt wieder…und schon ist es auch rum. Dennoch finde ich die Idee des Interagierens mit dem kleinen Kerlchen klasse. So hoffe ich das bei der Vollversion…wann soll die Erscheinen ? Dann auch mehr solch Interaktionen möglich sind und diese dann auch persönliche Reaktionen auf die eigene Aktion erhält.

Dec 26, 2016
Love this little interactive episode. Was my first experience with interactive VR at the Vancouver International Film Festival back in October. Gave me a taste for what to expect from VR. Now I have the HTC Vive and am enjoying it even more!

Dec 03, 2016
Enjoyed the beginning scene. Great graphics. Didn’t understand exactly what I was suppose to do, but will continue to work on it. Look forward to the full version.

Oct 12, 2016

Avira deleted the Binary because it detected a virus. Same problem with “the blue” demo. Might be a false positive, but should be discussed with the anti virus vendor. As the current situation is, I cannot run the demo.

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