Go For Launch Mercury Demo-Go For Launch: Mercury

Released Nov 2016 3.9★
Try the full beta at www.goforlaunch.co.uk

Take the controls of America’s first manned spacecraft in this authentic and exciting recreation of the earliest days of space flight.

The demo puts you right in the pilot’s seat of the Mercury capsule “Freedom 7” as it blasts off into the history books. This fully interactive and functional simulator lets you experience the exact sights and sounds of this momentous episode in history.

User Reviews

Jul 21, 2018
Great game love it just a quick question how do i pick up the manual in the friendship 7 i dont know the controls

Dec 16, 2017
how awesome! is the company still working on completing this? their website has not been updated since July 2017. however, this page shows latest release as November 2017. where can we get news of their progress?

Twisted Daylight
Nov 08, 2017
This was a lot of fun and (after playing around with the seating position a bit) highly immersive!
Only problem i had was maneuvering the craft in space, but i may just not have understood how to to it… Will definitely be giving it another go!

Jul 07, 2017
This is probably the most amazing thing I have seen on VR to date. Very moving, left me speechless… Just WOW!

Feb 23, 2017
If I had 10 stars it would have 10 stars.

Whatever the issues they had they are fixed so ignore the early bad reviews and it’s simply the best VR Rocket simulation. OMG you feel like John Glenn, it’s awesome and I hope they do a full version!!!!

Dec 05, 2016
Great start… amazing cockpit with working switches, periscope, and windows. Authentic mission audio plays… and the sim seems technically accurate. The external view is quite realistic… hopefully, controls to move the camera location are forthcoming. I expect final paid game will be tremendous, especially for real space fans.

Jan 11, 2017
Interesting! Claustrofibic and gives you a better understanding of what the heck they were into .. They WERE nuts.
Had a bit of a problem getting “seated” properly (my head was outside the capsule), but eventually it worked.
I wish they added more info, perhaps some in-game videos and such.

Dec 15, 2016
Having issues playing this one. The game starts and I’m in between the menu and the capsule (which puts me behind the menu, and it’s so far out of reach, i’d have to smash through my living room wall to touch it).

I even stood in the center of my play space and had my wife launch the game for me from Windows, just to make sure it wasn’t assuming my position from where I start the app.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Feb 07, 2017
if it sits there at loading for to long (like some reviews below) switch to desktop view, there should be a dialog box waiting for you to approve the install of the program…

but it is kinda boring, though I got a phone call just before launch, so I’ll try it again later and update my review.

Jun 10, 2018

I have no idea how this demo is getting good reviews… You either sit in a capsule, or you can look from the outside view and watch the whole rocket take off. In the capsule you have a ton of switches and levers that you have no idea where any of them are. The directions are off to the right. Have fun looking for the switches. I didn’t. Then when you finally get all the switches!! You get to see (if you switch to outside view) the capsule turn around to come back in to earth’s orbit, and then!!! Wait for it!!!! The demo ends…… That’s it…. It just ends…. yay So again. i know this is a demo, but after all these rave reviews, i was kind of excited, only to be majorly dissapointed.

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