Greedy Crush Focus-Lusionsoft

Released Aug 2019
The golden apples in the fantasy Eden are the foods that every gluttonous nightmare wants. They will turn into colorful giants to try to get close to the golden apples. Once they are eaten, they can become a dragon and create confusion for the world.
As an Guardian of the Garden of Eden, you have the responsibility to protect the golden apple and maintain the balance and order of the world by constantly eliminating the body of the giant python, and this ancient slingshot is a powerful weapon in your hands!

This is an exquisite casual game where players can experience the extraordinary immersion experience of the classic three-player game in the virtual world. In the game, you need to use a slingshot to stop it from eating golden apples. And combine the different energy balls with superb skills to form a combo and get a higher score!
The game is divided into three modes:
– Adventure mode: Adventure
– Arcade mode: Snakes do not have a fixed length, and the speed of the snake moves faster and faster as it is eliminated.
– Survival mode: The snake has no fixed length, but your viable power is limited; you can increase the number of steps in the case of triggering the upgrade ball.

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