Halt!: VR Road Traffic Madness-0bsolete Lab.

Released Dec 2018
Halt!: VR Road Traffic Madness is a simulator of road traffic control officer.
At this alpha release, you deal with endless waves of cars and ambulances. You can wait for a while to create a traffic jam for harder challenge, you can put all your effort to crash cars for fun. Play as you like!

In the game, you encounter three types of car:

Normal cars, they obey your signal.
Ambulances, they won’t stop because they’re in a hurry!
Police cars, they will sound siren but they obey the signal :p

All you need to do: pointing a controller horizontally to allow traffic, vertically to halt.

How to restart/quit?
Push grip button on Vive Controller, keep pointing the button you want to choose.

I’m planning to make several goal-oriented levels, gradually increasing difficulty such as low visibility, pedestrians, and additional vehicles like big trucks, motorcades, and trolley! Additionally I will polish UI and create easier level for tutorial. Please let me know if you have any ideas for improvement!

(ordered by asset category then publisher name)
I wouldn’t have made it without these great asset publishers, thank you!

Borodar / Farland Skies – Cloudy Crown
Unruly Games / Simple UI
Hit Jones / SciFi Handlight Free [HQ, Lowpoly, PBR]
Jacek Jankowski / Simple Modular Street Kit
karboosx / Low poly European City Pack
Kenney / Nature Pack (Extended) and Mini Car Kit
NightSoundGames / Stylized Astronaut (super cute)
Polyperfect / Low Poly Animated People
Crypton Future Media / Operation Sounds Free (Cursor_002)
Kristian Grundström / ENGINES (Smashed_Window_03)
Marcos Schultz / MS Vehicle System (free version) (Idling)
Too Tidy Labs / 8-BIT Diversity Collection: FREE EDITION (14 Sounds) (cartoonPolice 16-bits)
Unity Technologies / Standard Assets (Skid)
DotTeam / Car Script basic
Valve Corporation / SteamVR Plugin
Synty Studios / Simple FX – Cartoon Particles
Unity Technologies / Unity Particle Pack 5.x

DISCLAIMER: This is early alpha. All bug reports, thoughts, and ideas to improve are welcome!

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