Headshot VR-VR Studio

Released Mar 2019 3.7★
Headshot VR – multuplayer VR Shooter
Remember the days of online shooters, remember sleepless nights in computer clubs, emotions, adrenaline, rapture and rage.
The multiplayer shooter Headshot VR will immerse you in a dynamic atmosphere of virtual reality using the HTC Vive.
– multiplayer game mode 5×5
– communication with players (you can talk with players)
– choice of 3 (currently) maps
– a choice of 7 weapons
– control with weapons when using layouts
– shooting mode

User Reviews

Apr 15, 2019
Well done simple shooter with simple mechanics. Only big drawback is the lack of community to play it with.

Jun 01, 2019
Cute low poly shooter with teams or battle royale. Often there is no people to play multiplayer. Yet, playing with and against bots are fun as well.

Dec 06, 2019
Seems potentially fun. The hand controls feel very “immersive”, pulling your pistol out of your pocket, etc. But turning around seems to put my eyes inside my head, so I can’t see. Very disorienting and makes the game pretty much unplayable for me. And movement is done by simply *touching* the touchpad, so it’s pretty easy to find yourself accidentally spinning in place or running somewhere you didn’t intend to go.

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