Helicopter VR-Skrots Game Studios

Released Mar 2019 2.7★
Have you ever fly a Helicopter?
No? – Here’s a chance to live your dream. Something never before, Flying a Helicopter in VR. Use HTC Vive Controllers to fly the helicopter in various environments.
The game is based to give you a real-time helicopter experience while taking off, Landing and also sometimes crashing through environments like Deserts, Snowy Mountains, Futuristic Cities and Beautiful heaven like area.

Tutorial Video – “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yt4pVZMN4pU”

Make sure you have enough strength to fly a helicopter because it isn’t an easy thing. Experience is lit. Unlike auto simulations, You are riding the Helicopter in the game, you have the freedom to roam anywhere in the area, View the beautiful landscapes and discover locations. Seascapes to Skyscapes, Everything has got covered.

5 Playable Locations to discover in Helicopter VR. Ride the way you like, something never before. Experience the thrill of flying.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/nonavrgame

Roadmap :
V1 – Helicopter Experience. ( RELEASED )
V2 – Helicopter Combat. Story Mode. Missions and much more. ( COMING SOON )
*NOTE: Controllers Supported : HTC VIVE ONLY

User Reviews

Apr 14, 2019
Super fun! Amazing helicopter flying experience. The graphics, movements and controllers feels like really flying helicoper. Highly recommended and must try VR game.

Apr 27, 2019
Super Amazing Game <3
The Graphics and The Gameplay is so Amazing , It literally gives you feel To fly a helicopter in such beautiful environment .
Such A dope Game .
Hoping To see More Content from your side Developer .
Cheers !

Nov 20, 2019
Excellent Game. The experience is so amazing, That it gives me chills. When we go up on the helicopter, I had a bit of motion sickness, but This was really an amazing experiencing, I and my wife, we both enjoyed it.

Nov 03, 2019
Beautiful Game! I have loved the game and its experience. A bit of more improvement is needed but it is worth playing from all the other games out there. 🙂

Jul 05, 2019
V1.1 review, July 4 2019. This game makes no use of controller tracking… your heli’s collective and stick are cosmetic, you control the heli using your trackpads like gamepad thumbsticks. The left trackpad is collective (up/down) and tailrotor (left/right), so you can’t control tail rotor at the same time as up or down collective. The right trackpad controls the cyclic. The heli’s gauges are cosmetic and inoperative, even the artificial horizon.

Mar 21, 2019
The game looked a bit nicer than what it was actually like it felt very confusing. Furthermore, there wasn’t any audio and the controller weren’t clear, there wasn’t even a settings menu that i could find to tweek anything. I write this review not to belittle the game nor its developers. I just wanted to make my opinion known. As i was writing this review i noticed that this game was released on 3 days ago and for that i forgive the issues i experieced not many games work perfectly from the start and i see lots of potential in this game with further development and upgrades. In that event i would be still very interested in this game.

Apr 02, 2019

a nasty and cheap experience, barely control a helicopter using unintuitive touch pad controls over janky poor texture environments. seeing the dev reply to other reviews makes me want to give them the benefit of the doubt but this game seems a rushed alpha at best

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