HitMotion: Reloaded-Skarredghost

Released Nov 2019
HitMotion: Reloaded is the first mixed reality fitness game.

Punch the droids with your hands, and dodge their attacks. Be careful to be fast, strong and accurate when punching them, or you will never win! Move all around your room, punch, dodge, in this game carefully studied to make you sweat while having fun!

The points of strength of this game are:
– It will offer you an innovative workout;
– It has been designed from the ground up specifically for the Vive Focus Plus, so it is optimal for this device;
– It will make you move all around your room, and not only look a forward direction like all PC VR games;
– It is in mixed reality, so you will see your surroundings! This makes this game unique in its genre;
– Thanks to MR, this game is very safe: you won’t risk punching the people around you!

A campaign with more than 20 levels plus other minigame modes are waiting for you. All the game has been studied so that you can learn the basic of boxing, like performing different types of punches, moving and dodging. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, the gym can come to you.

Are you ready for the fitness battle?

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