Home Plate Baseball-Beep2Bleep

Released May 2019 2.5★
Home Plate Baseball is a baseball simulator and mini-game collection​ for VR HMD with motion controllers.

​Baseball Game: Normal 3 inning baseball game 3 strikes to an out, 3 outs to an inning. If you get four balls you get a walk. Make sure to choose your swings carefully. Score as many runs as you can in three innings. If the ball lands in the infield it’s an out, farther from home you’ll get more bases. If tied at the end of three innings you’ll continue to repeat the last inning.

​Home Run Derby: You will use the motion controller to swing at pitches to send them to the fences. ​The pitch will always come to the same location.

Catching Game: Catch as many pitches as you can as they come at you.​

Umpire Simulator: Call balls and strikes, using the trigger and touchpad.

Hard mode: Pitches come in much faster, the fastest pitches are over 100 mph.

User Reviews

May 08, 2019
Great for practicing catching, hitting, shooting, and Umpire. Tough at high speeds.

Jun 06, 2019
I am using the HTC Vive and I think this is a very good game. Although the ball is grey rather than white, I found this game to be very realistic. The simulation is very well done and will make an excellent game for ballplayers who, if they are injured or it’s winter, still want to hit a few in BP. The moving to get into the batters box was straight forward. I found myself slowly crowding the plate, looking for the ball to put out of the park–that’s when I smashed my wifes’ computer monitor with the controller. But I hit a homerun dead center field!!! Aside from the broken monitor, if you’re a ballplayer (slowpitch/softball or baseball), I think this is a good one to have in your library. (PS-Have a lot of room around you so you don’t break anything!)

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