HOST – Early Access-Garrett Fuselier

Released Sep 2018 3.9★
When your spacecraft crashes on an unknown planet, you navigate your way through its dark and puzzling corridors. Using only your hands and your wits, will you be able to solve its rooms and explore what’s beyond?

Immerse yourself in an alien realm where the sights, sounds, and sensations that you experience all become clues for your survival. Touch a green glow and see its effects. Open a gateway to a new area. Experience new rooms, and descend deeper. Level by level, tap into your gaming intuition to solve each puzzle. Who or what is the “host” and what is your relation to this space?

With a focus on experiential-based gameplay, Garrett Fuselier has created a virtual reality to challenge and cherish. The dim glow of the swelling visuals and the fluctuation of the atmospheric audio (all created solely with voice work) build a new kind of gaming experience that, like its narrative, grows in intrigue and innovation. Recalling the classic situation-based puzzles throughout gaming history, you will find no UI, no voice over, and no buttons to press (on your controller).

Inside the world of HOST, you are your only salvation.

The game will stay naturally within the confines of your environment. For the best immersive experience, change your Chaperone settings to be minimal and dark.

Please note, this game requires a game area of at least 3 meters x 2 meters.
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Nov 20, 2018
I’ve yet to clean out my room, so this game gave me plenty of bruises. I don’t even mind, though- if you have a good playspace, try this game. It’s great.

Nov 19, 2018
Very well done, i enjoyed the atmosphere and realy got lost in the game. i am with the others and hope there will be more to come !

Oct 30, 2018
I just wish it were longer. the use of roomscale is excellent, and I would love to explore it for hours and hours. Hopefully this is expanded upon, because I loved it!

Figment Hound
Oct 09, 2018
Very interesting, good use of room scale, enjoyed it! Can’t wait for the next chapters. I’d like to see this continue as it is, a slow walk through slimey pulsing sci-fi puzzles that keeps you interested without creeping you out or scaring you to the point of not wanting to continue.

Oct 25, 2018
Unfortunately I couldn’t get far on this one as it takes a little more space than my limited play area which is a real shame, because for all it’s simplicity, I found it really engaging. Would have loved to continue on. The alien graphic effects are cool and I wanna know how it ends?

Oct 21, 2018
What a weird, cool and eerie game. Kind of reminiscent of trying to escape from the intestines of an alien whale.
Very interesting, confusing and intriguing.

I got stuck after a couple of minutes or so – when i hit the triffid plant.

LMK if anyone gets past that point!

Worth getting with a subscription, yet would be good to have some pointers / help online somewhere (please!)

Mar 11, 2019

unable to get it to center by gameplay area

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