Hypno VR

Hypno VR combines hypnosis and virtual reality, offering patients a safe way to address their anxiety. Through this technique, your therapist can simulate the environment or object that triggers your negative reaction, allowing you to absorb their suggestions better.

Several studies have shown that hypnosis and VRH reduce pain and stress levels during surgery or intensive care, using less morphine than usual analgesia. This is particularly important in the perioperative period.

Propagation VR

Propagation VR is a free-to-play virtual reality game designed to be played in a room with other players. It utilizes Meta Quest 2 technology, which allows the player to move around freely within the game world.

As you would expect from a game called Propagation VR, the gameplay is all about survival and the zombie apocalypse. To survive, you must study your enemies for their weaknesses, analyze the situation and overcome your fear – or in this case, the apocalypse – as quickly as possible. The apocalypse is brought on by a mysterious virus that mutates the living dead into multi-species mutants requiring you to use all your brains and brawn to stay alive.

The saga has three stages and a total of ten missions that are designed to be as immersive as possible. Thrilling cinematics and various enemies with varying mechanics will get you on your toes, while the realistic handling of weapons will test your mettle as you fight for your life.

There are several difficulty settings, including the nightmare and impossibly hard modes. The best part is that the novice or the pros can master these settings. Moreover, the game has features like an interactive menu system and locally saved high scores.

There’s a lot to be said for Propagation VR, but the tiniest of them all is that it is one of the most immersive gaming experiences. Using the latest in wireless VR technology, Propagation VR offers the most visceral gameplay and a chance to show off your gaming savvy to your friends. The good news is that you can download it for free on Steam.

Zero Gravity Combat

Zero Gravity Combat, or hypno vr, is a video game fighting where you use your hands and fists to attack and defend against other opponents. This can be a great way to test your reflexes, which isn’t seen much in other fighting games.

Often you’ll find that fighting in zero gravity is a bit disorienting. This is especially true if you’re not used to it, so you must get to know your enemy and how they move before trying to fight them in a hypno environment.

You can fight in this environment in a few ways: to make your opponent off balance. Grabbing and spinning them until they’re confused or barfing can be a great way to disorientate your enemy and force them to fight you on their turf.

Another method is to knock your opponent off their feet with a hard shove or kick. This is an effective tactic in many types of combat and a great way to get the edge on your opponent in a zero-gravity game.

This type of gyro-based combat is also available in the video game Echo Arena, which launched on the Rift Platform in 2017. It’s a new kind of sport that could be a huge hit for VR.

Check out the Zero-G Combat page if you want to train in this style. It has tips and techniques to help you fight in this environment.

The most basic thing to remember is that the bullets you shoot in a zero-g environment will travel longer, which means they won’t drop down as much and can retain their momentum more effectively. This can mean that they can hit their target with more accuracy and damage.

It’s a good idea to practice this style in a real-world zero-g environment, especially if you want to be a skilled fighter when it comes time for the big game. If you’re unsure where to start, try practicing a few different techniques in a free-falling spacecraft like the SpaceX Dragon.

Alien Ascension

The Alien franchise is hugely popular, and it is no wonder that the developers behind Alien Ascension wanted to make a game that would capture that feel. Taking place 15 years after the original film’s events, players will be thrust into the shoes of Amanda Ripley as she sets out to explore the Sevastopol space station.

In this VR title, xenomorphs have awoken from cryogenic sleep and are stalking the ruined space station of LV-426. As an elite Colonial Marine team member, you’ll have to prepare yourself and your fellow cadets for what’s to come.

You’ll be able to use a scanner to scan creatures and planets and a teleportation function for easy travel. A motion tracker also monitors any suspicious xenomorphs that may pop up from the shadows.

Aside from a few bugs, Alien Ascension is a fun and exciting game. There’s a lot of tension as you move about the massive spaceship, and the sense of dread is perfectly delivered through haptic feedback, wind, and the sound of clanking metal railings.

Moreover, the game features some fantastic animations and is well-tuned. The visuals are gorgeous, and the sound design is also excellent, with all the sounds from the spaceship being audible in VR.

The ship’s ambiance is eerie, as you can hear the xenomorphs groaning away in the distance. It’s an immersive experience, and it helps sell the size of the area you’ll be in.

There are a lot of hidden areas to explore, which is a nice touch. Using the learning function in the headset, you can hide in lockers or supply cubbies to avoid the xenomorphs’ eyes. You’ll have to be extra careful, as the Alien can hear your movement and eventually root you out of your hiding spot.

Overall, Alien Ascension is an entertaining game that pays homage to Ellen Ripley’s iconic performance in the original movie. It’s a welcome change to the genre and one sure to delight movie fans.

Progression VR

Progression VR uses a novel tracking system to let you waltz from one room to the next. Unlike many other VR titles, this title is designed for the casual gamer who isn’t in a rush to kill a bevy of foes in the blink of an eye. It also has a robust UI and a plethora of perks to boot. In short, Progression VR is the best VR experience I’ve had in the last few years, and if you can get your hands on one of these bad boys, you’ll be a happy camper for quite some time to come.