IKEA VR Pancake Kitchen-IKEA Communications AB

Released Jun 2017 2.9★
You can expect to spend about 15 minutes in this VR experience, which we’ll support and update until December 2017.

Welcome to the IKEA Virtual Reality kitchen experience, where you can make some virtual pancakes. Before you start, you can choose between bright or dark cabinet fronts.

Our IKEA kitchen specialist will guide you through some of the key apsects of a well-planned kitchen. And look out for the instructions that will help you to prepare those perfect pancakes.

At the end, you can see how the kitchen feels from a child’s perspective while you set the table.

Ready for a pancake party? As you master the art of perfect pancakes, why not try to cook pancakes using four pans at the same time?

We’d love to hear your ideas on how we might improve this experience. Or what tips would you give on how to plan a kitchen?

Tips for the best experience
The virtual floor should match your physical floor. If not, the room will feel either too small or too big. Please see below for how to calibrate the floor. You should also set the IPD (distance between the centre of your eyes in millimetres) on the headset to your personal values.

How to calibrate the floor height
1. Place one of the hand controllers or the HMD on the floor
2. To auto-calibrate, press the Home button on your keyboard. To manually adjust floor height, use PageUp/PageDown to move floor up or down one centimetre so the HMD/controllers rest on the virtual floor.

User Reviews

Apr 07, 2018
Good VR experience! Great introduction into interactive VR … and making pancakes!!

Jun 28, 2017
IKEA dropped the mic on this one. what happened to the bacon, for makin bacon pancakes, better than a pancake and better than makin bacon. At least an option for makin bacon, an put it in the pancake. This is just a pancake, a lonely bacon free pancake. IKEA, I love you, but get with it. Let us makin bacon pancakes. If we get to serve Kevin Bacon, bacon pancakes, all the better.

Jan 29, 2018
About 10 minutes of pretty boring game play. Wish is was more of a do what ever you want kind of game but it is very step by step and then it is over.

Dec 23, 2017

Je me suis pris ça pour rigoler à la base, mais ce jeux ne fonctionne pas, aussitôt téléchargé, aussitôt supprimé, NEXT !

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