Infinity Disk-Ralph Schaedler

Released Nov 2018 3.9★
Infinity Disk is a VR Singleplayer Frisbee Game.

It combines action and skill with puzzle solving.
At its core the game uses a fun and innovative gameplay mechanic:
You play frisbee with yourself by teleporting to the next target location.

Your mission is to throw, catch, bounce and avoid the obstacles/enemies to complete the stages.

Explore 12 unique levels and overcome the challenges. Play frisbee with yourself! There are also plans to implement a co-op mode in the future.

– Explore 12 Unique and Mind Bending Levels
– Make Cool Frisbee Bounce Combos (Arcade Mode with Highscores)
– Solve Puzzles and Explore Fun Laws of Physics in VR
– Customizable Frisbee Physics Settings
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Apr 06, 2019
Awesome VR game! Relaxing atmosphere and sound design. Good balance of freedom of how you choose to throw the disc and puzzle constraints. The puzzles are fun and you have to eventually fine tune how you throw the disc to progress. Being able to adjust the gravity will add new challenges on a second play through.

Feb 19, 2019
One of the coolest VR games I’ve played yet. All around fun.

Jun 16, 2019
Jeux qui ne fait pas mal à la tête, fonctionne bien sous wmr sauf les menus pour lesquels j’ai du mal.
Sinon super jeux d’adresse et réflexion (enfin pas beaucoup quand même) qui me change de beatsaber.
Je recommande vivement.
S’il s’améliore çà pourrait-être un must have.

May 30, 2019
Very challenging once you get 25 minutes into the game, it really begins to test your accuracy, timing and dexterity. And it can become frustrating redoing sections, but this designed to be a tough game. Props to the original idea, good work!

Apr 20, 2019
Nice combination of disc throwing and some puzzle elements. Mostly about the throwing (and coordination in general) because it’s very close to always clear what you’re supposed to do so you figure out the goal pretty fast and then are left trying to execute. Starts out simple and more elements/variation get thrown in gradually so it doesn’t get boring. I struggled a bit with the throwing and having to be both fast and accurate at some points wasn’t my favourite while if you’re more skilled it could be smooth sailing through. I disliked it when the game forced you to redo longer sequences on failure.

Graphics are ok, making simple visuals work all right and I enjoyed the ambient soundtrack. Decent idea and a fairly fun game. Good but not great.

May 15, 2019
With my WMR controllers and my skills not playable, no fun. Just cannot throw the discs where I want them to. So I only get frustrated and do nearly no progress. Thank god it always saves the last position.

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