Island Time VR-Project Flight School LLC

Released Apr 2018 4.2★
After a journey at sea, you are shipwrecked on a tiny island. Using your wit, ingenuity and the advice of Carl the Crab, you must find a way to keep yourself from starving and survive. Craft tools, fend off creatures…Or you could just give up and die? Just enjoy the sunset while you can. Almost makes you forget that you’re in a desperate struggle against your own mortality.

– Survive… until you die
– Play standing in a room-scale VR experience
– Craft tools, like a spear, from the island’s resources
– Use your tools to catch fish, defend yourself… and do stuff, like, not die
– Befriend (or not) the island’s wildlife including sharks and pesky seagulls
– Foster a lifelong friendship with a crab. And, by lifelong, we mean a week at the most?
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Jun 10, 2018
its a fun challenging game but really small area and few things to do
its cute and the crap keeps you company i hope he gets mor interactions price is a little bit high i recommend playing it on a subscription

Apr 11, 2019
Really fun game. I thought the concept and the mechanics were both outstanding. The crab is awesome.

It just needed more to it. More items to craft, more challenge, and more Carl the Crab. It doesn’t look like the game is going to get any updates either, which is very sad. It could be a really great game.

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