JavaScript FAQs

The Basics of JavaScript

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a script language program, which is primarily used to build websites. JavaScript can be used by itself, but it is particularly impactful when paired with HTML and CSS. Think of JavaScript as the oil in the engine of a high-performing vehicle. Without appropriate coding using JavaScript, a website will not function to its full potential.

There are a number of reasons why people are drawn to JavaScript. It’s comparatively simple to learn and use, and it doesn’t need be downloaded. JavaScript is also considered to be a universal coding language, so almost any website will function appropriately with it. Be aware, however, there may be consistencies between different browsers and host websites.

JavaScript can always be identified in coding by the tags <Script> and </Script>. You’ll know if it’s in use without even checking the coding of a website, though. Simply click on a site, and take a look. If the content pops and sparkles, providing a number of interactive elements, you can be assured that the developer used JavaScript.

What is JavaScript Used For?

JavaScript is described as a client-side language. This means that it’s basically responsible for what a visitor to a website sees. JavaScript also handles the dynamic elements of a website, such as active clicks, pop-up messages, real-time updates and anything else beyond static text and visuals.

Just some of the features commonly used in JavaScript include:

  • Expanding and hiding information.
  • Applying slideshows and carousels, or other easily scannable data.
  • The sound and vision associated with audio and video files.
  • Animated GIFs.
  • Dynamic text changes and effects.
  • Drop-down lists when completing forms.
  • Pop-up messages and warnings.

In essence, if you interact with a website, the web developer would have used JavaScript during the design and build.

How Do I Find JavaScript on My Computer?

JavaScript, and the options to enable and disable it, is always found in your internet browser. JavaScript does not require the installation of an external file, or to run an EXE file. Never download an external JavaScript component from an untrusted source, as this will almost certainly be malicious in nature.

Who Invented JavaScript?

A developer named Brendan Eich created JavaScript. Brendan was working for former tech giants Netscape at the time. He invented JavaScript (then known as Mocha) to combine with the existing Java program to aid web developers in making their sites as eye-catching and interactive as possible.

When Was JavaScript Created?

JavaScript was invented in 1995, over a period of 10 days. The program has frequently been updated and enhanced since then. No doubt, improvements will continue to be made well into the future.

How Powerful is JavaScript?

JavaScript is among the most powerful computer languages in the world. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • The popularity of JavaScript ensures that countless powerhouse tech companies back it.
  • It is powered by a web browser, rather than a server, and is thus less likely to experience slowdown issues.
  • Countless other libraries also support the use of JavaScript.

The simplicity of JavaScript is misleading. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because the language is user-friendly, it’s also weak.

How Many Types of Functions Does JavaScript Support?

JavaScript supports three primary functions.

  • Named Functions, which are defined early in the coding then re-used throughout.
  • Anonymous Functions, which must be tied to a particular demand to work.
  • Immediately Invoked Function Expressions, which, as the name suggests, spark into life and begin running from the moment they’re defined.

JavaScript users consider all three of these functions essential, as they each serve a different purpose.

How Browsers Recognize JavaScript Code

Every web browser is different. Just because JavaScript is recognized and supported by all browsers, it doesn’t mean there’s a one-size-fits-all policy. You can use a command to help JavaScript adapt to whichever browser is being used, though. Using jQuery is the simplest way to achieve this. This technique can be used on Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.

Why is JavaScript So Popular?

The biggest selling point of JavaScript is its user-friendliness, and the fact that it’s compatible with all browsers. While it was never intended as the industry-standard language, every major tech company over the years has adopted JavaScript to varying degrees. It’s considered impossible to gain employment in the web development industry without advanced skills in JavaScript.

Do I Need JavaScript?

If you want to work in the tech industry, a knowledge of JavaScript is considered essential. Understanding how to write in JavaScript is as essential to a web developer as the fundamentals of written English language are to a college lecturer. Hobbyists don’t need to worry quite as much, though using JavaScript as a language remains advisable. While it’s possible to build a website without it, JavaScript modernizes the appearance of a website and improves interactivity.

I Heard JavaScript Was Bad – Why Does JavaScript Suck?

Despite its popularity, JavaScript does have critics. Some web developers, who use it to create annoying pop-up ads that crash browsers, have abused the simplicity of JavaScript. Others complain that JavaScript has too many specific commands and special values. The object-oriented programming of JavaScript has also been decried as awkward. Overall, more people praise JavaScript than criticize it. Like any major coding language, however, it’s not for everybody. 

Where Can I Learn JavaScript Online for Free?

There is a wide range of resources online that will teach you JavaScript without demanding your credit card information. These vary between websites, downloadable eBooks, and videos. You’ll also find no shortage of tutorials on YouTube, which is always a good place to start. Find a teaching style that appeals to you, and start your JavaScript journey.

How Long Does it Take to Learn JavaScript?

How long is a piece of string? The answer to this question depends on you. How much time you have to dedicate to learning the language, how fast a learner you happen to be, and how tech-savvy you are in general. Some claim that the fundamentals of JavaScript can be learned within a month, and expert status can be achieved within six months. As with all things, the more time and effort you dedicate to learning, the faster you’ll develop skills. 

Is JavaScript a Programming Language?

Yes, JavaScript is a programming language. Many educators would call it the easiest first programming language to learn, making it a great place to start for anybody interested in a career in web development. 

Some developers consider the definition of JavaScript as a programming language as controversial, instead preferring to define it as a scripting language. The truth is, these terms are interchangeable. The fact is, JavaScript is a programming language by virtue of the fact that it can be used in both web browsers and machine servers. 

However, some experts concede that they would not use JavaScript for programming. This is due to JavaScript’s versatility, which could be considered a blessing or a curse, depending upon your perspective. What one programmer finds fun and adaptable, another finds confusing.

Is JavaScript a Scripting Language?

As discussed above, JavaScript is often described as a scripting language. By this standard, it fits this definition. Overall, however, JavaScript is more widely considered to be a programming language – albeit a widely misunderstood one.

Enabling and Disabling JavaScript

Enabling and Disabling JavaScript

How Many Browsers Have JavaScript Disabled as Standard?

Unless a user of manually disables JavaScript, or it is blocked by their ISP, a browser will not disable it as standard. 

As a result, just 0.2% of all worldwide internet traffic reported JavaScript as being disabled. The most common occurrences were in East Asia, Africa and Finland, though users of the Tor browser also often disabled JavaScript. 

How Do I Tell if JavaScript is Enabled?

The Bureau of Meteorology in Australia has the simplest way of testing this. Just click the button on this link. It will tell you if JavaScript is currently enabled on your browser. You’ll also be able to tell if your web browser performs sluggishly, and refuses to allow you to interact with websites.

Why Disable JavaScript?

People disable JavaScript for a number of reasons. The most common explanation is that it saves bandwidth and speeds up internet performance. No JavaScript means no autoplaying videos, no pop-ups and no clickable tags. There are other impacts that many people would consider detrimental to their browsing experience. For some, however, disabling JavaScript increases their quality of life.

How to Download and install JavaScript

There is no need to download or install JavaScript. It is built into all major web browsers as a matter of course. Tread very carefully before downloading what claims to be JavaScript from an external source, and only use a trusted site. A virus check before starting is also highly advisable.

How to Enable JavaScript on a Web Browser

If JavaScript has been disabled on your browser and you wish to reinstate it, you’ll need to use your browser. Of course, the instructions vary depending on your choice of browser.

  • Internet Explorer – Find the Security tab in your Internet Options. Click on Custom Level, and track down Security Settings – Internet Zone. You’ll see an option for Scripting. This will currently say Disabled. Change this to Enabled.
  • Firefox – Type about:config into the address bar, then javascript.enabled. This will bring up your preferences for JavaScript. Switch this from Disabled to Enabled.
  • Chrome – Enter Chrome’s options, click Customize and Control Google Chrome, then Settings. Select Advanced Settings, and find Privacy and then Content Settings. This will open a pop-up, of which one of the options will read JavaScript. Currently, this will say Allow All Sites to Run JavaScript. You can toggle this setting to disable JavaScript on some or all sites.
  • Opera – Find the Opera menu, then click Settings. Under the Websites tab, change the setting to Allow All Sites to Run JavaScript.

Safari – In your settings, click Edit then Preferences. From here, find Security and then Web Content. Click the Enable JavaScript checkbox.

How to Enable JavaScript on iPhone and Android

Just like a web browser on a computer, JavaScript will be enabled as standard on smartphones and tablets. It’s possible to turn it on and off, though. If you find yourself unable to use JavaScript on your mobile device, it will need to be enabled.

On Android devices, find the Browser in your Apps. Tap Menu, Settings, and Advanced. You’ll see an option for Enable JavaScript, and a checkbox beside it. Ensure this box is ticked.

On iOS, locate the Settings button on your iPhone or iPad. Tap Safari, then Advanced, and look for the JavaScript opytion. You can swipe this left or right to assert whether JavaScript is active or disabled.

How to Add JavaScript to Dreamweaver

JavaScript is not a standard element of Dreamweaver, but it can be used. Just set your Dreamweaver to Code view. If you prefer to take a more hands-on approach, use the Script window and start entering your code.

How to Enable JavaScript on a Firestick or Kindle Fire

Head to the home screen of your Firestick or Kindle, and find the Downloader app. From here, you’ll see the Settings option. One of your choices will be to enable JavaScript. Obviously you’ll want to say yes to this.

How to Enable JavaScript on Skype

If you use Skype as a separate application, you should not encounter any issues with this. However, if you use Skype through Internet Explorer, you may receive an error message saying that JavaScript must be enabled before Skype can be used. Ensure that this is the case by enabling JavaScript on your browser. You may need to close your browser window, and even restart your computer, before Skype acknowledges these changes.

How to Disable JavaScript 

The instructions to disable JavaScript on a browser are identical to those of enabling it. You just need to turn it off instead of on.

  • Internet Explorer – Find the Security tab in your Internet Options. Click on Custom Level, and track down Security Settings – Internet Zone. You’ll see an option for Scripting. This will currently say Enabled. Change this to Disabled.
  • Firefox – Type about:config into the address bar, then javascript.enabled. This will bring up your preferences for JavaScript. Switch this from Enabled to Disabled.
  • Chrome – Enter Chrome’s options, click Customize and Control Google Chrome, then Settings. Select Advanced Settings, and find Privacy and then Content Settings. This will open a pop-up, of which one of the options will read JavaScript. Currently, this will say Allow All Sites to Run JavaScript. You can toggle this setting to disable JavaScript on some or all sites.
  • Opera – Find the Opera menu, then click Settings. Under the Websites tab, change the setting that currently reads Allow All Sites to Run JavaScript.
  • Safari – In your settings, click Edit then Preferences. From here, find Security and then Web Content. Click the Disable JavaScript checkbox.

How to Disable JavaScript in Tor

If you use the Tor browser, you’ll need to disable JavaScript manually. The Tor browser will keep JavaScript running as a matter of course, which could compromise your safety. 

You have three options for disabling JavaScript on the Tor browser.

  • Use the NoScript icon, which is located next to the address search bar. This looks like the letter S.
  • Install an add-on called JavaScript Switcher. This means you can switch JavaScript on and off at the touch of a button.
  • Type about:config into your Tor browser’s address bar to launch the configuration, and type javascript.enabled. Change the value of this to False to disable JavaScript.

Should I Update JavaScript?

Like any program, you should periodically check for updates to JavaScript. Failure to do so could hamper the speed of your internet browser.

Windows computers automatically ask you update Java. This will also update JavaScript. Although the pop-up is annoying, it’s advisable to accept it.

If you run a Mac, check your system settings periodically. If your JavaScript needs to be updated, you will be notified accordingly. Of course, any iOS updates will automatically take care of JavaScript too.

JavaScript Jargon

JavaScript Jargon

What is a JavaScript Framework?

If you were looking to build a house, you’d make sure that you had solid foundations before you start work. The same applies to coding a website. A JavaScript Framework is a series of libraries that act as a template, which can be amended and adjusted according to particular needs. By using a JavaScript Framework, coding becomes considerably more straightforward than starting from scratch.

What is a JavaScript Library?

A JavaScript Library is essentially a pre-written code that can be recycled and reused on a variety of different websites. A slide show is a good example of a JavaScript Library. Many websites have identical-looking slide shows, and while that may just be a coincidence and multiple web developers happened to write the same code, it’s more likely they used an existing JavaScript Library. They then apply their own content, tailored to the site in question.

What is String in JavaScript?

String, as the name suggests, links – or strings – a number of things together in JavaScript. They’re very helpful for long blocks of copy. Just make sure you break the words up into separate lines. If you visit a website where the text runs off the screen, its because the string was left too long.

What is Hoisting in JavaScript?

Hoisting is a regular source of frustration for JavaScript users. The term refers to JavaScript’s habit of moving variables to the top of a scope before they have been declared. This can lead to bugs in the code. To avoid hoisting while using JavaScript, use the commands let or const instead of var, declare all of your variables at the peak of your code, and active Strict Mode while using JavaScript.

What is Vanilla JavaScript?

Vanilla JavaScript is the name of a framework, but this not what is usually meant by the term. When a developer discussed Vanilla JavaScript, they mean a version of the language that contains no libraries. This is a great way to practice and learn JavaScript, but it removes many of the fun features that the language provides.

What is a Closure in JavaScript?

All JavaScript is eventually closed down once the coding is complete. However, applying manual closures will prevent one action from bleeding into another. Ultimately, closures prevent any variables occurring outside of their chosen function. This, in turn, will minimize the risk of bugs making their way into the code.

What are Promises in JavaScript?

If you ask JavaScript to run too many functions at once, and connect two commands at great distance, the code can become a mess that takes a long time to untangle. Promises stop this from occurring. By applying a Promise in JavaScript, you can link two commands up to intersect when the time is right.

What Is JavaScript React?

React is a JavaScript Library that is available to anybody, as it’s open source. React is maintained by Facebook, and its primary purpose is to create a user interface for single-page websites and mobile apps. By using React, you’ll be able to layer content on a solitary page.

What Is Object Prototype in JavaScript?

As Object Oriented Programming, or OOP, is essential to JavaScript, the language relies very heavily on objects. Prototype objects apply new characteristics and qualities to objects all the objects that fall into their remit. This opens up a number of new opportunities for more complex coding.

What Is Pagination in JavaScript

Pagination is the process of dividing a website into multiple, smaller pages. The idea of the process is to stop a visitor to a website from growing overwhelmed by excessive data in one location. An example pagination is the front page of a Google search. Google provide multiple clickable headings at the bottom of a page.

What Is Script Type Text in JavaScript?

Put simply, a Script Type Text is an identifier of the programming language that you plan to use. Any use of JavaScript code must be wrapped around tags that read <script> and </script>.

What is Span in JavaScript?

Span is a JavaScript tag that makes a minor but impactful change to the copy on a website. If you are describing something as red in color, using the span tag alongside HTML styling will make the word appear as red on the screen. It’s a great way of catching the eye of a reader.

What is the Importance of JavaScript in Web Designing?

JavaScript is what provides a website with its sense of visual appeal. In the early days of web design, sites were static and, dare we say it, dull. With the aid of JavaScript, contemporary websites are interactive and packed with features. It’s JavaScript that allows the use of audio or video, automatic reloads and compatibility with varying web browsers.

What is the Use of ParseInt in JavaScript?

The ParseInt command converts a string (counting up objects) into a integer (which checks if a number is true, and thus safe to use in the code).  This is a static value, whereas the alternative IntMethod is, as the name suggests, an instance method. 

What is VAL in JavaScript?

VAL is a very simple command in JavaScript. It is used to define value of string properties – nothing more, and nothing less.

What is Websocket in JavaScript?

Websockets enable a server and browser to communicate with one another. They are particularly impactful when a constant exchange of data is required. An example of this is when games are played online. Using a websocket in JavaScript can be an alterative to a HTTP connection.

What is Window Event in JavaScript?

Whenever something happens in JavaScript – good or ill – it is referred to as an event. This could be as simple as clicking your mouse, or pushing a button on your keyboard. A window.event theoretically makes the event work on all browsers (mainly pre-ie9 versions of Internet Explorer, which handled JavaScript differently to competitors). It is largely redundant in modern JavaScript coding, and should be avoided if possible.

What Is Node in JavaScript?

A node is a new HTML command that is applied to JavaScript. It’s a small piece of data which will link to countless others. Eventually, these nodes will combine to create your all-singing, all-dancing website. However, Node.js is also a tool that can be applied to JavaScript. Node allows JavaScript to run from a server and a client simultaneously.

What is Arguments in JavaScript?

Arguments sound like something to be avoided, but they’re very helpful in JavaScript. They work alongside parameters, but there is a small difference, While a parameter defines a function, an argument invokes it instead. This will help the coding to retain appropriate and accurate values.

What is Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript?

Everything that computer does is asynchronous. This means that it can handle more than one task at a time. You can check your email while downloading a song, for example. Asynchronous programming using JavaScript means that you can continue working while JavaScript runs a loop on another task. Without it, coding would take much, much longer.

What Is Conditional Statement in JavaScript?

A Conditional Statement in JavaScript is also known as an If/Else Statement. In essence, it is telling the code to execute and action if the statement is true. An example of this could be linked to the time. JavaScript can instruct a website to say, “Good Morning” is the time is earlier than 12pm, or, “Good Afternoon” or “Good Evening” if it’s later.

What Is Constructor Function in JavaScript?

When creating Objects in JavaScript, you should first create a Constructor Function. Once this is done, you can apply fundamental characteristics to all Objects. Ultimately, Constructor Functions are a laborsaving measure, as they minimize the risk of mistakes occurring later in the code.

What Is ECMAscript, and How is JavaScript Related to it?

ECMAscript is the bible of scripting languages that JavaScript, and its competitors, follow. Think of ECMAscript as a style guide that all programming languages need to follow, penned by the European Computer Manufacturer’s Association. JaveScrupt remains the language that follows ECMAscript most closely, which is another reason for its popularity. 

What is ES6 in JavaScript?

ES6 is the shorthand term for ECMAscript. The sixth, and present at the time of writing, update to ECMAscript was released in 2015. See our entry on ECMAscript for more information.

What Is Google Maps JavaScript API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. API’s help you build applications into software. In the case of the Google Map JS API, you can build a map into your website. This very helpful if you are providing directions to a business premises.

What is inheritance in JavaScript?

When coding in JavaScript, you will have Objects, all of which stem from a Prototype. Inheritance means that these Objects can replicate elements from those that are placed above them in the code.

What Does Document Mean in JavaScript?

A JavaScript Document (or Document Object Model, aka DOM) is essentially your complete coding located in one place. This is the root of everything that you are attempting to achieve with JavaScript. Just like a Word document contains hundreds or thousands of characters, your JavaScript DOM contains lines and lines of code.

Differences Between JavaScript and Other Programs

Differences Between JavaScript and Other Programs

What is the Difference Between Java and JavaScript?

Although they have similar names, Java and JavaScript are very different programs that offer different things. JavaScript was originally called Mocha, and many believe that the new moniker was due to the popularity of Java. The biggest difference is that JavaScript only runs on a browser, whereas Java can be run anywhere. Java is also a more complex language with more rules and regulations; JavaScript is comparatively relaxed.

What Is the Difference Between HTML, CSS and JavaScript?

HTML, CSS and JavaScript typically work in perfect harmony to make a website successful. Each program serves a different purpose.

  • HTML is the foundation of any website. It provides the structure, which can then be built upon.
  • CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, provide the design and aesthetic appeal of a website.
  • JavaScript is used to make the site interactive, and really capture the imagination.

Where to Put JavaScript in HTML

JavaScript must always be placed below the <html> and <body> tags.  It must also be enclosed by <script> and </script> tags. Without these, your website will not function properly and resemble gibberish code on the screen of a visitor.

Can I Use JavaScript in WordPress?

You can, but it takes a little bit of extra work. The easiest method is to create a template file for all updates to your WordPress site. If you’d prefer to use JavaScript sparingly, create your copy in a JavaScript file and then call it into your WordPress post.

What is the Difference Between jQuery and JavaScript?

jQuery is often used hand-in-hand with JavaScript. It’s a JavaScript Library that simplifies the coding process. Basically, by making use of jQuery, you’ll save yourself time while working in JavaScript. As a standalone piece of software, however, jQuery is useless – it’s simply does not work without JavaScript.

Should I Learn Java or JavaScript?

You should certainly learn at least one of these languages if you have any interest in a career in the tech sector. JavaScript is considered the simpler of the two, and is perhaps a better starting point. Many roles in the tech industry may also require expertise in Java too, though. You’ll find this easier to learn if you already understand JavaScript.

Should I Learn JavaScript or Python?

Python is arguably the biggest competitor to JavaScript for market supremacy. Each language has its own benefits and drawbacks. You should certainly learn at least one of them if you have an interest in coding. JavaScript remains the most universally used language though, so it’s the ideal starting point.

Can You Learn React Without Knowing JavaScript?

No – React is a JavaScript Library, and will not work without its master program. If you do not know or understand JavaScript, you will achieve nothing by attempting to learn how to use React. Learn to walk before you can run!

Do You Need to Know JavaScript to Learn Node JS?

Yes, very much so. Node.js is an offshoot of JavaScript, and thus an understanding of the fundamentals is the bare minimum requirement. Trying to learn Node.js without first mastering JavaScript is like watching a foreign language movie without subtitles. 

JavaScript Security

JavaScript Security

Is JavaScript Secure?

Some programmers bemoan the security of JavaScript. It’s true that a skilled hacker can easily manipulate the language. The same is true of most competitors, though, especially those which are popular. Cross-Site Stitching and Cross-Site Request Forgery are the biggest risks associated with JavaScript.

How to Encrypt Data in JavaScript

Encrypting data in JavaScript enhances your security. This is easy to do. Just open your code with the command encrypt (). Just make sure you remember to use decrypt () where necessary.

How to Hack a JavaScript Login Page

Forgetting your password to a web page can be a real pain point, especially if it involves a long call to tech support. Using JavaScript, you can hack into any site without a password, as long as it’s been entered before. For legal reasons we won’t list out the process, but you’ll find everything you need to know on the link above!

JavaScript and Mobile Devices

JavaScript and Mobile Devices

Does JavaScript Work on Mobile?

Yes, JavaScript functionality is fully operational on smartphones and tablets. The only exceptions to this will be users that disable JavaScript manually, or territories that do not allow it. Most mobile apps also relay on JavaScript.

Do I Need JavaScript on My iPad or Other Tablet?

If you want to experience everything that the web has to offer, you will need to enable JavaScript on your phone or tablet. Most websites now create replicas of their content for smaller screens. You can disable JavaScript on your phone or tablet if you don’t wish to use it.

How to Build an iPhone App with HTML5 CSS JavaScript

To build your own iPhone app using JavaScript:

  • Ensure you are compliant with all standards laid out by the iOS App Store.
  • Choose an appropriate Framework and User Interface. Ionic is an example of this.
  • Code your app, and test that it works.
  • Package and register your app.
  • Distribute your app, and enjoy your profits!

Using JavaScript

Using JavaScript

What Editor to Use for JavaScript

There are countless editors available for JavaScript, Which one you choose really depends on your personal preference, and what you’re looking to achieve. Various websites compare the different options, but Visual Studio Code is often considered to be the market leader. This makes it the best option for most JavaScript users, especially novices.

How Many Different Kind of Loops are there in JavaScript?

JavaScript offers two types of Loop as standard. For Loops run through code, repeating an action for a specified period of time. A While Loop provides the same service, but only while particular conditions are being met.

If you want run to a Loop at least once, run a Do/While Loop This is a great way to test your code, and ensure that it’s fulfilling its requirements. 

So, how does a Do/While Loop on JavaScript start? By entering the code <h2>JavaScript While Loop</h2>, then entering a Command. An example of this would be listening numbers below above 0, but below 10. A Do/While loop will create a list of numbers from 1 through 9, then cease functioning.

var vs. let on JavaScript – What’s the Difference?

Both of these are Function commands in JavaScript, but there is a difference between them. Let is a constant and unbending command, whereas Var, as the name suggests, is a Variable. Some JavaScript enthusiasts prefer to use the Let command, as this reduces the visibility of the command. This means it’s less likely to lead to errors in the code that need to be unpicked later.

Can You Make a Game in JavaScript?

JavaScript is essential to most advanced games. More often than not, however, it is used in conjunction with a variety of other software. Many people enjoy creating games in JavaScript though, especially more basic forms of entertainment such as smartphone app games.

General JavaScript “How To” Instruction Guides

General JavaScript “How To” Instruction Guides

How Many Ways are There to Create Objects in JavaScript?

There are seven methods for creating Objects in JavaScript. As you may imagine, these vary in complexity. The easier way is to create a new Variable by typing var d = , before adding new Object (name of object in these brackets). This is discouraged by more advanced JavaScript users though, so find a method that you’re comfortable with.

How to Access a Database in JavaScript

How to Access JSON Array in JavaScript

How to Active a Tab in JavaScript

Multiple tabs can make negotiating a website much easier, and more aesthetically pleasing. These are created by writing =tab inside div class brackets, and entering the content for each individual tab. You can then tailor the appearance of each tab using CSS.

How to Add a GIF in JavaScript

How to Add an Alert in JavaScript

An alert box is a popup that warns visitors to your website of something that requires their attention. To build these helpful alerts, use the Function Warn(), and add your appropriate copy. You can also add a further step to an alert, whereby a user must give their consent to continue by actively clicking. Use the confirm() window for this.

How to Add an Onclick Event in JavaScript Dynamically

How to Add and Remove Class in JavaScript

How to Add Images in HTML Using JavaScript

How to Add JavaScript in JSP

How to Add JavaScript to HTML

There is one golden rule that can never be broken when adding JavaScript to HTML. You must place all JS code between <script> tags. Failing to do so means that the HTML and JavaScript codes will not work together. 

As long as you always use JavaScript code within these parameters, you should not encounter any issues. You don’t need to write JavaScript straight into a HTML document. You could use something extremely basic, such as Notepad, and paste it in if your prefer. Just remember that this denies you of many of the benefits found in JavaScript.

How to Apply CSS in a JavaScript Alert Box

How to Benchmark JavaScript

How to Bind Gridview in ASP Net Using JavaScript

How to Build a Web App with JavaScript

How to Call a Callback Function in JavaScript

How to Call a JavaScript Function from Another HTML Page

How to Call a JavaScript Function on Page Load

How to Call a Method in JavaScript

How to Call an API in JavaScript

How to Call Function Within Function in JavaScript

How to Call Java Function from JavaScript

How to Call JavaScript Function Automatically After Some Time

How to Call JavaScript Function in Asp Net Button Click

How to Call JavaScript Function in Mvc 4 View

How to Call Managed Bean Method From JavaScript in JSF

How to Call Nested Function in JavaScript

How to Call PHP Function from JavaScript When a Button is Clicked

How to Call Webservice from JavaScript in HTML Page

How to Call Webservice in JavaScript Asp Net

How to Call XML File in JavaScript

How to Change Dropdown Value Dynamically in JavaScript

How to Check if Checkbox Is Checked or Not in JavaScript

How to Check eMail Format in JavaScript

How to Check for Null in JavaScript

How to Check Regular Expression in JavaScript

How to Check which Button is Clicked in JavaScript

How to Check Which Key is Pressed in JavaScript

How to Clear Document Write in JavaScript

How to Clear Radio Button in JavaScript

How to Click a Button Using JavaScript

How to Close a Browser Window in JavaScript

How to Close Popup Window on Button Click in JavaScript

How to Code a JavaScript File

How to Combine External JavaScript

Combining two external JavaScript files is one of the simpler tasks you will faced with. Just copy and paste the contents into one master file. Make sure your HTML and CSS coding is not impacted by this, though. 

How to Comment in JavaScript

On paper, making comments on JavaScript is very simple.  You just need to add two slashes – //. You can then add the copy of your comment. To make the comments invisible and save deleting them all by hand, open the comment with /* and close it with */.

How to Concatenate Two Strings in JavaScript

Creating two Strings, using different Commands, does this. If you have a String that says, “Good” and a second one that says, “Morning”, you may wish to combine them to simply read, “Good Morning.” The first String will read var str = “Good” and the second will repeat the var and equals sign, then add, str.concat(“Morning”)

How to Convert JSON to Object in JavaScript

How to Convert Object to String in JavaScript

How to Convert String to Long in JavaScript

How to Convert String to Number in JavaScript


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